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Halloween might be over but that does not mean spirits and spookiness still do not persist in our world. Our uploader of the week this week is mpn17 http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=mpn17#en

Paranormal soundbites are plastered all over this users profile. Is their a ghost, an evil spirit, a supper power or just an illusion? Give all the uplaods and listen and judge for yourself




Our uploader of the week is http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=MikeVanTso#en  who uploaded this MP3 of a very interesting inerview from a competitor in a rather interesting sport called Ocean Rowing Racing.

In the interview the discussion is surrounding it’s premier event “TALISKER Whisky Atlantic” which is deemed the world’s toughest rowing race and the hardships the competitors are facing among other things.

The interview is done with Sonya, from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!!

Below is the audio . Congrats Sonya and good luck. Great upload MikeVanTso!!


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