supports a great number of audio file formats. Though almost any type of audio files can be uploaded to the site, sometimes there is confusion between the different types of formats. Below is a list of some of the most common types of audio formats with a brief description of each:

mp3– Mp3s are the most popular type of audio format. They use lossy data compression. It is the standard format of digital audio compression for playback on digital audio players.

.aiff/.wav– These are very similar formats, with the main difference being that .aiff was developed for Macs and .wav was developed for PCs. Despite this, they are each compatible on both systems. They are both uncompressed and lossless.

.ogg– This is a lossy compression format which is also open-source. Because of this, it has gained popularity among developers of free software. Its popularity has been stunted a little due to its lack of use with popular audio players such as iTunes.

.aac– This format was originally designed by Apple in an attempt to replace mp3. It is a lossy compression scheme. It has never achieved the popularity of mp3, most likely because of recent improvements to the mp3 format.

These are descriptions of some of the most popular audio formats used today. is equipped to handle all of these as well as many formats that are less common.

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