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A “ringtone” is a sound notification used to alert a person to incoming calls or messages on their phone, despite no longer truly being rings or tones. Most ringtones today are music – small melodies or song clips. Ringtones were first customizeable in 1975; people used to edit the music chips in ringer devices to put in their own music! The first mobile phone with customizeable ringtones didn’t come out until 1996, more than twenty years later. Now ringtones are a multi-billion dollar business – but you can download ringtones for free from our ringtone channel at

Listen to a sample ringtone here:

This week’s uploader of the week is Drakenwolf. Drakenwolf has recreated memorable songs from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as chiptunes. These 8-bit songs vary from the upbeat and lively Shop Theme to the foreboding and dark Deku Tree. Congratulations to Drakenwolf – we look forward to hearing you upload more music in the future!

Here is an example of an upload from Drakenwolf, the Boss Theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

In pop culture, a “cover version” of a song refers to a song not recorded by the original artist. A cover can involve just a new vocalist, or it can include new instruments. Covers can even change the song’s key and tempo. There are whole bands devoted to covering one group’s music, such as Glory Days (who cover Bruce Springsteen) and Björn Again (who cover ABBA). Covers can gain chart success – both Rascal Flatt’s and Cascada’s covers of What Hurts the Most have had pop chart success. Cover songs date back to the early 20th century; one of the first uses of the term “cover” was in a 1952 Chicago Tribune article.

On, we have a channel called Music-Cover where you can upload music you have covered. Listen to a cover song on YourListen here, or browse the Music-Cover channel to find many more cover songs.

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