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In pop culture, a “cover version” of a song refers to a song not recorded by the original artist. A cover can involve just a new vocalist, or it can include new instruments. Covers can even change the song’s key and tempo. There are whole bands devoted to covering one group’s music, such as Glory Days (who cover Bruce Springsteen) and Björn Again (who cover ABBA). Covers can gain chart success – both Rascal Flatt’s and Cascada’s covers of What Hurts the Most have had pop chart success. Cover songs date back to the early 20th century; one of the first uses of the term “cover” was in a 1952 Chicago Tribune article.

On, we have a channel called Music-Cover where you can upload music you have covered. Listen to a cover song on YourListen here, or browse the Music-Cover channel to find many more cover songs.

This week, has chosen the user HAHAHAH to be the Uploader of the Week. This user has been selected because of the great quantity of quality audio clips he has uploaded to the site. Though he has uploaded a wide variety of files, many of them are podcasts about assorted subjects. YourListen congratulates HAHAHAH and looks forward to having many more uploads like these in the future!

Here is an example of an upload from this user, which features Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon from the popular ESPN show Pardon the Interruption: is proud to announce that the upload size limit on the site has been increased to 350 mb! This means that the site can now handle up to 4-6 hours of audio, still entirely free of course. The previous size limit was only 100 mb. This is an important advance that will help to ensure that YourListen is the top quality audio content network available to users well into the future. We are very excited about this development, and we hope that our users will take advantage of this and the other benefits we offer with our free uploads!

More about our uploads can be learned here:

This week’s uploader of the week is gilgamesh. This user has uploaded a few interviews of tennis players after big matches. Interviews are one of the more popular sections on YourListen. There are many different categories of interviews including those with athletes, political figures, and more. Congratulations to gilgamesh and we hope to have many more quality uploads like these soon!

Here is an example of one of gilgamesh’s tennis uploads below:

The term “podcast” today is used to refer to a variety of audio and video files. By definition, a podcast is a digital medium that consists of a series of files downloaded or streamed over the Internet. The term was originally coined in 2004 and is a combination of the words “pod” and “broadcast.” In just a short time, podcasts have grown to have a broad variety of uses. Anybody can create their own podcast and launch a series of episodes pertaining to news, politics, drama, or literally anything else. The podcast channel is one of the most popular on On the site, the podcasts are split into nine categories including comedy, news, and sports. Please visit this channel of the site to experience more of this versatile type of media.

A link to an example of a sports podcast uploaded to YourListen is below:

This week’s uploader of the week for is the user booshog. Booshog has uploaded a vast number of audio files of all different types, though many are news-related. Booshog was selected because of the variety of quality audio files he has uploaded. appreciates the efforts of this user and hopes to have many more quality uploads soon!

A link to a radio show that this user has uploaded can be found below: supports a great number of audio file formats. Though almost any type of audio files can be uploaded to the site, sometimes there is confusion between the different types of formats. Below is a list of some of the most common types of audio formats with a brief description of each:

mp3– Mp3s are the most popular type of audio format. They use lossy data compression. It is the standard format of digital audio compression for playback on digital audio players.

.aiff/.wav– These are very similar formats, with the main difference being that .aiff was developed for Macs and .wav was developed for PCs. Despite this, they are each compatible on both systems. They are both uncompressed and lossless.

.ogg– This is a lossy compression format which is also open-source. Because of this, it has gained popularity among developers of free software. Its popularity has been stunted a little due to its lack of use with popular audio players such as iTunes.

.aac– This format was originally designed by Apple in an attempt to replace mp3. It is a lossy compression scheme. It has never achieved the popularity of mp3, most likely because of recent improvements to the mp3 format.

These are descriptions of some of the most popular audio formats used today. is equipped to handle all of these as well as many formats that are less common.

This week’s uploader of the week goes to the user ziamiki. Ziamiki has uploaded a great number of professional tennis clips, including press conferences and interviews. This user has made it possible for tennis fans to find a great amount of information about the sport they love right on the site. Other users can download clips from many of the major professional tennis tournaments for free.We appreciate users like ziamiki for the volume of high quality audio they provide to others. Thanks for the uploads and keep up the good work!

Uploads from this user can be found here:

In recent years, music sharing has been one of the biggest trends on the Internet. Though it has been the source of a lot of controversy, due to certain illegal practices it can help facilitate, music sharing is not necessarily a negative practice and can in fact be incredibly useful. When done correctly, music sharing gives a wide range of people access to the songs they love in a way that is beneficial to everybody involved. YourListen follows this philosophy by giving the masses access to all of the user-generated content on its network, ranging from music to interviews to audio books and more. In upcoming years, music sharing will keep improving in order to become even more effective, and YourListen hopes to be on the forefront of these advances.

Check out user uploaded songs on such as the one below or many, many others!

Interested in audio stories? This week’s uploader of the week has shared a number of files containing readings of fanfiction stories. Serdd has uploaded a large number of audio story files, which can be found at

Check out the stories shared by Serdd and other YourListen users or upload some of your own!

Congratulations to Serdd, and hopefully many more quality audio files such as these will be uploaded very soon!

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