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This week’s uploader of the week is shick. For the past several months, shick has been uploading cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam. Srimad Bhagavatam, also known as the Bhagavata Purana, is one of the important texts of the Hindu faith. It is considered to be the purest of all of these important texts due to its devotion to Krishna and Vishnu. Fittingly, the text was passed down via oral tradition, making it a fitting addition to YourListen‘s audio book channel. Thank you shick for the many months of audio uploads – keep them coming!

Listen to the most recent segment – Canto 10 Chapter 38 – here:


After being down for two days, is now back up and running, better than ever! The first of many changes to the site includes an entire facelift and redesign to the site. The channels are now listed on the lefthand side of the page; the upload button is highlighted in orange for easy spotting; and you can now see recent activity on the site, such as what people are listening to right now and what’s popular and trending.

In addition, the size limit on files has been lifted; now, instead of only 350MB uploads, you can upload a file of any size at all! You can also upload as many files as you want to your account as before.

Have any questions? Check out the easy-to-locate “Contact Us” at the bottom of our homepage!

On, our users upload music from many different kinds of live performances. There are, of course, concerts; users upload audio from their favorite bands live performances. But there are many other performances featured on YourListen that you may not have known about.

The Live Performance channel also features sermons and speeches from many different faiths, such as Christianity and Islam. In addition, there are classical music concerts, where solo artists and entire orchestras can showcase their performances. Choirs, too, feature themselves on YourListen’s Live Performance channel.

You can check out our Live Performance channel here, and listen to a sample live performance below:

This week’s uploader of the week is kzoons. Kzoons has uploaded their own original house music and DJ mixes under the name DJ Kristoff. For both their high quality and length, kzoons is being featured. Congratulations, kzoons – we can’t wait for you to upload more music and mixes in the future!

Here is one of kzoons (DJ Kristoff’s) DJ-ing sessions: is proud to announce that we are are now on Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Reddit! This is addition to our Twitter, Facebook page, and blog (which you’re already reading!). We want to be able to get to know you, our fans, through even more forms of social media; we hope that you will follow us on all of these sites so we can follow back find out about what interests all of you!

We will start using our Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and reddit accounts at the beginning of next week.

This week’s uploader of the week is anmarini. Anmarini has uploaded many live performances of classical music, many of them from the baroque period. Anmarini’s uploads feature a variety of instruments and performers and originate from myriad composers. Anmarini has uploaded a few hours worth of classical performances to their channel – a very impressive feat! Congratulations to anmarini; we look forward to the next time you upload classical music.

Here is one of anmarini’s uploaded performances:

An audio book is a recording of a book or other text being read aloud. Recording texts originated in the 1870s after the invention of the phonograph; audio books became popular in the 1930s. The American Foundation for the Blind created the Talking Books Program, which increased the number of audio books produced. Audio books are also popular for teaching children how to read and recognize sounds. However, you don’t have to be either blind or young to enjoy audio books on – you can check out our audio book channel and listen to a sample below on the History of Kariya:

This week’s uploader of the week is ManipuriMusicUpdates. This user has uploaded numerous pieces of music from various Indian styles, most prominently Manipuri. Manipuri is a style of music that originates from Manipur; it is a delicate, graceful style that emphasizes lightness of the body and facial expressions. Congratulations to ManipuriMusicUpdates, and we hope you bring us more quality music uploads like these soon!

Here’s an example of Manipuri music below:

A “ringtone” is a sound notification used to alert a person to incoming calls or messages on their phone, despite no longer truly being rings or tones. Most ringtones today are music – small melodies or song clips. Ringtones were first customizeable in 1975; people used to edit the music chips in ringer devices to put in their own music! The first mobile phone with customizeable ringtones didn’t come out until 1996, more than twenty years later. Now ringtones are a multi-billion dollar business – but you can download ringtones for free from our ringtone channel at

Listen to a sample ringtone here:

This week’s uploader of the week is Drakenwolf. Drakenwolf has recreated memorable songs from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as chiptunes. These 8-bit songs vary from the upbeat and lively Shop Theme to the foreboding and dark Deku Tree. Congratulations to Drakenwolf – we look forward to hearing you upload more music in the future!

Here is an example of an upload from Drakenwolf, the Boss Theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

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