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well i have been singing since i was 3 i have been in choir almost my whole life i love to sing it is something that calms me i also do poetry and modeling im a mother of four and so yeah lol i have a long back story but any how i do cover songs they all the belong to someone eles not me and i record my music useing my cell phone and music recording apps and a whole network of stuff i cant sing in front of crowds anymore cause my nerves and anixioty get so high i almost pass out so i figure y not let it be heard as long as i dont have to see crowds lol hopefully you like it any way hope you all like it just let me know :)

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  • beauty from pain this is my cover for super chick i love this song it is very sentimental to me and i get emotional when i sing it i hope you guys like it
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  • monster this is a paramore cover sorry if it sounds a lil crappy and cuts off i found out that i can only record to a certain limit and the beep u hear is a message and anything eles is my kids sry i tried
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  • under the water its a pretty reckless cover i hope you like it
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  • your not innocent i dont own the song it is by someone eles i am just covering it sorry for the ping i had a message come through while i was singing so i couldnt stop lol any way hope u like it
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