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  • Indoor Water Wall fountain maintenance Indoor water wall fountains are easy to install as long as one knows which wall is able to take the weight and one puts in the correct brackets to hold up the fountain, nothing is easier. One may require an electrician to help with the lights installation as well as the switches so that ugly cords are not seen dangling and that will destroy the ambience. Also an electrician will be needed for the output switch to be placed in such a way that it is easy to put on and off the fountain as well as the lights. However, wall water fountains need to be maintained well to prolong the life and for the fountain to last for a very long time. The first tip is that the fountain pump at all times should be submerged in water. This allows the water to not only get filtered and it also decreases the growth of the algae. The fountain pump if it is not submerged in water will burn out or run dry. It also will start making sounds – this is an indication that the water level is low. The water level needs to be monitored on a daily basis so that one can add water to the fountain. In order to keep the water which is in the fountain clean, the power should be running at all times. When it is put off and on, the motor of the pump gets worn off faster. Only distilled water should be added to the pump. The tap water contains impurities which are dissolved in the water. These minerals and traces of other substances will cause calcification and will reduce the life of the pump in order to giving a chalky effect of the water which is in the fountain. If the water is not clean and contains impurities, this will clog up the water filter and that will need to be changed or cleaned ever so often. One should remove the water and refill the tank periodically to prevent algae, microorganisms from growing as well as the water in the fountain from looking dirty. Copper cleaning products should not be used on fountains if the fountain is made of copper but has a power coat to it else the appearance and the powder coat finish will lose it’s appeal One should not clean the indoor wall water fountains with abrasive solvents or with chemicals which are used in bleaches. These harsh chemicals cause the parts to erode. It is better to use mild detergents or soap and clean the fountain. Incase any particles are there in the fountain these should be cleaned and not allowed to get into the water filter. Incase they have got into the filter, the filter can get blocked and therefore it will need to be cleaned with a toothbrush to remove any of the solid particles which have got entangled in it. The filter should then be replaced back into the fountain. Keeping all these tips in mind, one will be able to prolong the life of their wall water fountains. Learn more at
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