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  • The place to be for the vacationers- Anguilla The Caribbean is known for the 35 miles long coast line and since this area lies near to the equator it experiences a tropical climate throughout the year. This means that there is rain and sun playing hide and seek it is region. The temperature and the humidity of this region give rise to lush green forests and beautiful beaches on this island. Talking of the beaches the sand is white in color and gives that silvery shimmer in the sun. The water at the beach s beautiful shade of blue and green and is clear and almost pristine. The palm trees on the beach provide much required shade from the heat of sun and it also gives respite to the people who are not very fond of sunbathing. Apart from this the areas that are away from the sea beach are lush green and provide a great escape for the people who like to hike and try remain very close to nature. Here you can just come across a secluded cove to make your own temporary abode for just relaxing and listening to the sounds of the forest. The main attraction of the Caribbean is the Anguilla Islands. This is just not a single island but a group of island that has been a British territory from quite a long time. The main island is the capital city of The Valley and is most populated whereas the smaller islands of this British territory are either private properties or are totally uninhabited. Not all people can own an island for themselves and this is the reason why they like to send their Caribbean vacation in the Anguilla resorts. The resorts on this island are very high quality and are known to be the hosts of few very powerful people and the celebrities from all over the world. The island is a great escape and offers multitude of options to choose from as far as the activities that you can do here are concerned. You can not only enjoy the beaches here but also take a dip in the pristine ocean waters and meet the sea creatures that are colourful as the land itself. The coral reefs are amazing to see as you can witness a variety of other creatures living in those coral reefs. You can also go for trekking in the forests to find amazing plants, fruits and water bodies where no one has been before. You can also opt for adventure sports and make your vacation the most thrilling one. There are many resorts that offer to their guests not only the fun and adventure but also the in house facilities that actually let them unwind and rejuvenate themselves such as the massages and spas, the swimming pool and just a quiet place for the guests to spend some time either reflecting upon themselves or reading a book. The honeymooners can have the secluded places for them to become quite romantic and come to know each other more closely. Find out more at
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