Tanya Jawab Terbaru Masalah Pernikahan Ust. Abdul Somad, Lc.
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Marriage is a series of events capable of building a complication of human civilization, which forever to be preserved, the event is a fitrah event; as a marriage man is First, Marriage a fitrah to uphold the values ​​of humanity, such as human nature is to grow and develop, now with the presence of wedding vessels, humans can answer the demand. Secondly, Marriage is a fiqiyah event, indicating a person has performed a religious law from which circumcision comes from. Third, Marriage is the event of dakwah, someone who has performed the marriage contract, it means that he has enforced the shari `an by indicting that the marriage contract must be done every Muslim who will sail the Household Life. And Fourth, Marriage shows the social relationship that originally was a small family, then became big with the joining of two small families. And Fifth, Cultural Events, marriage can form a strong culture, and have a beautiful value of familiarity, because two different cultures, after the occurrence of the akad means cultural events will become colorful, which will be able to form a culture that, although inside there are many characters, but is one culture, that is Islamic culture, "ummah al-wahidah". This is what Islam desires as a divine religion or Tawheed.

Marriage is a life-oriented way of horizontal and fertile relationship to ilâhi-rabbi. That begins with the intention of worship to Allah, with the formation of al-Usru "family" consisting of husband, wife, and children. Then became a social structure of "al-Ijtima`i".

The family is formed from mutual need, as revealed by Allâh in the Qur'an, Surat al-A`râf verse 189 means, "that the husband should be at peace with his wife." And that protects between one samalain (Surah Al-Baqarah / 2: 187). In this verse Imam al-Qurtubi interprets the word "libas" which originated its meaning with regard to clothing. Then unite the relationship of husband and wife, such as clothing and function attachment. Some scholars argue, "everything that covers something is libas.

The family as an arena of mutual attention, whatever the husband gives to the wife, should not be asked again (Surat al-Nisâ / 4: 20-21), this proves that sincerity should be instilled in the husband before he married. The family also to unite the feeling, calm and serene "mawaddah wa rahmah", and will make the husband and wife think clearly (Surat al-Rûm / 30: 21).

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