Aa Gym 7 Jenis zikir untuk menyelesaikan masalah kehidupan
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Remembrance here, according to the famous Sufi figure, Imam al-Junaid, presents the Creator in heart and mind with all forms of resignation and respect. This activity will impact on the emergence of fear and impact on the obedience of carrying out orders and away from his prohibition.
Herein lies the greatness of remembrance. "And verily the remembrance of Allah is greater." (Surat al-Ankabuut [29]: 45). Rasulullah SAW in the hadith narrated at-Tirmidhi states, zikr has a great virtue.

Remembrance is the best of charity, zikr is the most qualified deeds in His side and able to elevate a higher servant. The Prophet in the hadith also places the zikr more than dealing with an enemy without zikir.

Shaykh Muhammad Shalih al-Munjid, in his article entitled Adab Dzikrillah, explains the advantages of dhikr also lies in its flexibility. Zikr is unlimited by space and time.

When and where, someone can remember the Creator. Therefore, dhikr is the only practice that God has commanded to be multiplied. "O ye who believe, remember Allah's name, the greatest dhikr." (Surat al-Ahzab [33]: 41).

Companions Mu'adz bin Jabal said, the criteria of the inhabitants of heaven is they will regret if you miss a moment without thinking. Of course, qualified dhikr. Zikr which triggers fear, love, piety, and faith in Him.

The absence of a positive effect of remembrance is used as one of the signs of hypocrisy. The hypocrites, do not loose remembrance. But the dhikr made no trace in their real life. "And they did not mention Allah except very little." (QS an-Nisaa '[4]: 142).

Shaykh Salih said that if one's faith is in a tree, aqeedah is a strongly entrenched root, charity is likened to a branch of a tree, and noble character is its fruit. Thus, dhikr is the clear water that always flows and moistens the plant.

It is like the history of ad-Dailami, that is reading the Qur'an and recitation will cultivate faith in the heart, like water to live the tree. "The revelation of those who dhikr and not, like the living and the corpses," the words of the Prophet in Bukhari's narration.

If the tongue is wet by the zikr and the heart is fortified with it then lust will be awakened from a vanity. By reproducing a solemn zikr it will avoid sin.

Those who are sinful are those who are barren from dhikr. "And do not follow the one whose heart We have neglected from remembrance of Us, and indulge his lusts, and his condition is over the limit." (Surat al-Kahf [18]: 28).

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