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    A cool and soul killing music by BORNAGAIN a beat maker, song writer and a singer

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    TWIRLING WINGS Defense against a rear two handed shoulder grab Step back to 4:30 with left leg into a transitionary Front Twist facing 10:30 and immediately unwind counter clockwise into attacker while doing a left upward Back Knuckle to attackers tricep that turns it into a left Outward Extended Block to move attackers arms to your left. Technique Flow Left hand grabs attackers upper left arm as you do a right Inward Elbow to their floating ribs. Technique Flow Shield & Sword Crossing Talons (left side) Gripping Talon Tripping Arrow takedown (left side) Left hand grab is replaced by your right hand which grabs and pushes attackers left arm as your left foot steps into attacker (into a Horse Stance to keep your center line closed) while you do a Inward Elbow to attackers solar plexus. Technique Flow Right knee to thigh and Crossing Talons left side. Main Power Principle Torque

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  • Best Employment Lawyers in UK
    Best Employment Lawyers in UK

    If you have been having issues at work and have come to the conclusion that you need some legal advice. John Falkenstein has been rated the Best Employment Lawyers in UK. Contact him today for your free consultation.

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    LONE KIMONO Defense against a left handed lapel grab (pushing out) readying for right punch Step back with your left foot onto the ball of your foot while pinning attackers left hand against your chest and cocking your right hand at your waist. Technique Flow Clutching Feathers As you torque into a right Neutral Bow, do a right Upward Block type of move under attackers left arm (above the elbow, aiming to attackers face) to hyperextend or break their elbow. Technique Flow Reversing Mace If hook comes in, the elbow break turns into a block, parries arm under and to right, into end of Cross Of Destruction. If cross comes in, the elbow break turns into an outward parry and into Crossing Talons or Shield & Mace. Circle your right hand down, out and up, into an inward/downward Hammerfist onto attackers forearm (use Frictional Pull down and across your body to cancel attackers width and depth) as you release your left hand. Technique Flow Five Swords Ext. finish with a right inverted Outward Hand Sword to attackers throat (hand sword is angled with elbow higher than hand to get the proper Angle of Incidence) and return to fighting position. Technique Flow Main Power Principle Torque

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  • Tallit for girl
    Tallit for girl

    Are you planning the bar-mitzva for your daughter the next month? Surprise her with the best quality tallit for girls exclusively crafted from galileesilks – your most trusted Judaica store. We always keeping the modern trend in mind and hence most of our products come with matching Atara, Kipph and matching tallit bag. Visit us today and explore the stocks. For more details, visit our website:

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  • Introduction to pharmacology NZ P3
    Introduction to pharmacology NZ P3

    Introduction to pharmacology NZ P3

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  • Montana Ranch Real Estate
    Montana Ranch Real Estate

    Montana ranches for sale treat each client with integrity and respect and the understanding that this will be a significant transaction in their life.

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  • Vancouver renovation company
    Vancouver renovation company

    Hire Walker General Contractors. We are specialize in complete custom home renovations Vancouver, including home additions and kitchen renovations, basement renovations and bathroom renovations. We are one of the top Vancouver Renovation Company. Visit our website or call us 604 781 7785

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  • Audio for german-banglore
    Audio for german-banglore

    German is the fastest growing and the high demand foreign language. Learn German in Bangalore through EnglishLabs to gain an amazing life experience and living as a foreign student in Germany. We conducted German language course in Bangalore batch wise for candidate’s convenience. For more details call @9500007903

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  • Galilee Silks Exclusive, Handmade Collection of Men’s Jewish
    Galilee Silks Exclusive, Handmade Collection of Men’...

    Shop for the exclusive men’s designer Jewish tallitot for salefromGalilee Silks to give yourself a modernized look and stay tune in with fashion. For more details, visit this link:

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