Overview of Aminopia disinfectant, coloring and fertilization products
Eco Plus
• It prevents physiological disorder due to deficiency of microelement.
• Available for immediate shipment after sprinkle as it does not leave harmful residue.
• Environment-friendly product that is biodegradable and not harmful toward human and animal.
• Fruit and leaves become clear and vivid due to cleaning process after sprinkle.
Warning before use
• Crude fluid should not be in contact with skin. (Skin could turn white and itchy)
• You must wear rubber gloves and wash right after contact.
• It should be kept in cool place and do not shake it.
• Please keep the concentration and method, and do not mix it with alkalic pesticide.
• It should be placed where children cannot reach
Coloring -Red
• AP101, which is amino acid derivate with new sulfur, drives early maturity of crops through cell vitalization caused by expedited phosphorylation of mitochondria.
• By acetylization of methionie and leucine that help the coloring, we created a water-soluble state.
• It contains phytic acid which is organic phosphoric acid and phosporic acid calcium so that by ealborating the structure of crops, it reduces the softening phenomenon during distribution process.
• Method of use
• Crops : peppers, tomatoes
• When to sprinkle : 1 time before 5~7 days of harvest
• How to sprinkle : foil age -> 1,000 times (1 bottle for 25 mal))
Warning before use
• Please keep the concentration and method, and shake it before use.
• It prohibits the mixture with other pesticides.
• When the temperature is higher than 30℃ and the water charge is weak, please stop sprinkling.
• The diluted liquid is not reusable so please dispose it after use.
• Crude fluid that is left over should be sealed and kept in cool place where the children cannot reach.
• Active substance could be precipitated but it is dissoluted after dilution so be at ease and use.
Fertilization - Rising
• K, Mg, Ca, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, B and more than 16 natural minerals and polysaccharide from seaweed extract.
• It promotes physiologic activation during fertilization period.
Method of use
• 1,000 times dilution foilage spray (500ml dilution in 25 mal)
Warning before use
• Please keep the concentration and method, and do not use with alkalic pesticide.
• Active substances could be precipitated but is does not affect the effectiveness, so shake it before use.
• Please keep the product in a cool place where children cannot reach.
Aminopia Inc. is a company that studies environment-friendly agriculture production, and we are researching, developing and producing high-quality environment-friendly agriculture amino-acid fluid fertilizer based on amino-acid fertilizer and plant food manufacturing technique built for almost 20 years. They are well known crops growth supplements manufacturer and provide physiological plant disorder solutions in Korea

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