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  • guitar practice 12/19/2017 guitar prac 12/19/2017 8:51 pm
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  • "I Won't Mind" guitar prac 38 w vocals (7/13/2017)
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  • Thunder Guitar practice w/vocs #36 6/27/2017
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  • "Another Planet, Another Town" (Guit. Practice #35 w/vocals) "Another Planet, Another Town" (Guit. Practice #35 w/vocals)
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  • "Space Cadet" (Guitar Practice #31 w/vocals) "Space Cadet" (Guitar Practice #31 w/vocals)
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  • "Aware" 6/8/2017 guitar practice #29 (w/vocals) My first guitar practice w vocals. A bit muffly bc I wasn't able to use the Audacity recorder correctly tonite. Kept emitting a screeching sound. It only works when it wants to. But it's kewl, it's just a practice. Not the entire lyrics. I added a few extra during recording. "And I have become more aware More aware"
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  • 6/4/2017 guitar practice #28 just messing around.
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  • 6/2/2017 guitar practice #27 6/2/2017 guitar practice #27
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  • 6/1/2017 guitar practice #26 Yeah, I'm not madly in love w it or anything. Just tryna get up to speed a little more. I may still wait a little while to get heavier strings, since I just got these way recently, but the thinner strings (11, 14, n sometimes the 19's) seem way too thin for me, out of the D'Addario NY XL 11/56 strings. (11, 14, 19, 32, 44, 56). I wasn't aware that it was some sort of half n half pack, n the circumstances had me rushed when choosing them. I usually don't even do anything w the thinnest strings. I feel like they're so light that they just sound odd. I can't see myself playing 16-72's though, lol.
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  • 5/31/17 guitar practice #25 Trying some righthanded picking. I have electrical tape on my left index finger, as I've seen some metal musicians do. The "guitar callous fanatics" would seriously ostracize me for it. Lol. "No! YOU MUST DEVELOP AND BUILD CALLOUSES!" *imagines some guy in his kitchen, making creatine mix for his guitar callouses* Actually, the tape doesn't really seem to hinder anything. My clumsiness was for other reasons, such as... i'm more adjusted to holding the guitar lefthanded. N the electrical tape seemed to add distortion to certain parts where I wanted to, but a bare finger didn't do it well. It's been wondered why I would post my unpolished practices, but only a bandgeek would understand. As someone who played flute for 3 yrs in school n practiced at school everyday, as well as sometimes in the summer. I always had constructive criticism from myself n from bandclass. Plus, a lot of the stuff, after I practice it so long, i'm done with it, so.. I spent several hours today working on this, had a few practices of it recorded. Still couldn't manage to get it just right, but I think its bc of how I was holding the guitar n where/how I was sitting. I definitely have a preference for lefthanded picking, but I needed to adjust my shoulderstrap n everything n I probably would've been more comfortable w righthanded.
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