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Schadenfreude (Words and Music by Tom Gardiser)

I caught you laughing, what did you see? A blown up village, fatalities?
Hero rises, it’s you, you see. Back on Earth, reality.
One more dies, nine estranged. Money spent, but nothing changed.
Foes arrive, friends betray. A touch of death, and you say:
"Glad it wasn’t me", Schadenfruede.

Scavenger, of misery. It’s good for you, but not for me.
Joy you get, from my pain. Makes no sense, so what’s the game?
Useless and insane.

Jeffery Dalmer was killed yesterday.
The murderer is caught but doesn’t pay.
Don’t two wrongs make a right? Just depends on who you fight.
We’re all screaming with delight, Schadenfruede.

Goldman got his verdict yesterday.
The murderer escapes but has to pay.
It wasn’t guilt or innocence, or preponderance of evidence.
What pre-empted the president - Schadenfruede.


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