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  • Tomorrow When I Wake - Demo This song is one that I wrote with a local R&B singer, John “JT” Tanner. It was basically about an awkward moment he had in his life. His best friend growing up was a female that lived around the corner from him. They were very close, but never dated throughout their school days, and then when in their early twenties reconnected at a party and had one romantic night together...that night produced their first child...OOPS!!! I wrote the music, played keyboards and bass guitar. JT sang the first vocal part, and I sang the second. Neil Zaza played electric guitar, and Marissa’s God Father, Chris Auman, played drums. The vocals were both first takes from when we were still finalizing the lyrics, so we actually flubbed some of the words. We never got a chance to go back and record final vocals and finish the demo...
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