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Commercial establishments, residential areas and other types of buildings can be given classy and aesthetic look with the slabs and tiles made from stone. Most modern buildings use stone surfaces for various areas as they are easy to maintain and can retain their color and texture for a long time. Landscaping also uses various types of stones for providing a good visual effect to the surroundings. There are many places in a building that can be made beautiful by using natural stone products such as China Granite. It can be used for both interior and exterior decorations of prestigious buildings, monuments and other types of structures.
Commercial building use
Shops, medical centers, restaurants and many other commercial buildings need counters for doing business with customers. The tops of these counters require very hard tops that can sustain rough usage for a long time without losing their attractiveness. Countertops made from China Granite slabs can last for a long time without losing their shiny look or texture. Offices can use the stone for floors, stairs, and walls to get an attractive and durable look. The floors made from the stone are easy to maintain and get back their shiny surface with a single mopping exercise.
Residential building use
There are many areas of a residential complex that can see the use of China stone in their construction. Apart from creating an elegant visual effect, the stone can be used for utility purposes in residential buildings. Kitchens counters, kitchen islands, and sinks need hard surfaces to remain usable for a greater length of time. The stone can provide durability that these tops need. The floors and walls of bathrooms need tiles to keep them clean and fresh. It can be achieved by using tiles made from this stone. The stone can be used for stairs, floors and other areas in residential buildings where the usage is quite heavy.
Manufacture of stone
A large number of companies in the country make different kinds of products from the China stone. These products include tiles, skirting, slabs, tops, wash basins, columns, and many more items that are used in the construction of tombstones, monuments, and buildings. The stone is taken from quarries, cut into various shapes and sizes according to the purpose for which it is going to be used and then sold to customers all around the world. The stone surfaces are available in both rough and polished depending upon the use. The colors of the slabs and tiles vary from jet black to light blue to green.
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