Advantages Of Using Granite Over Marble For Monuments
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There are many sculptures and statues scattered across our land signifying notable figures from history or some incident that has an indelible impact on our country. These Monuments are found to be made from different stones and materials. While stone is a popular medium, there are also several modern artists who use concrete, metal and also other materials. One of the significant points to note is that unlike the earlier ages where the wealthy commissioned sculptures made of marble to beautify their homes, most materials used now days are of granite or stone, and even concrete that are durable and inexpensive.

Granite versus marble

To build structures that last, it is infinitely preferable to use the most durable stones. That way, they can stand the test of time and can weather any difficulty time throws on them. One of the most popular products of China Granite is just that. The right kind of granite can stand the test of time. One other advantage of Granite is that it requires very little maintenance and gets back into shape with minimal fuss. Unlike marble that is susceptible to stains and any acidic reactors, granite is relatively easy to clean and doesn’t stain much.

For homes like monuments

Speaking of monuments and granites, it is easy to understand why homes use granite. It can be great example to understand how durable granite actually is. It is mostly found to be present and installed as counter tops in kitchens, where a lot of the hard work happens. Any place that needs to endure a lot of wear and tear should choose to use atleast a façade of granite or similar stones. When granite is used to build huge structures that have to stand the test of time, the first choice mostly is granite; not just China Granite, but others too.
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