Wotofo is the leading manufacturer of vape products and has a big role in reconstructible devices. Wotofo is also producing a few of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, kits, and accessories. We started our business with the growth of worldwide awareness of vaping culture.

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  • What is a Sub Ohm Tank - How to Sub Ohm to Blow Big Clouds What is sub ohm tank? Sub-Ohm vaping, otherwise called sub-Ohming. It alludes to vaping with an electronic cigarette that has a loop with an opposition level that is under one ohm. However, you can securely sub-Ohm vape on the off chance that you utilize premium materials; set aside the effort to comprehend the various loops, their wattage and which mix works best. Likewise guarantee that you don't overheat the battery while controlling the curls.
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  • A Guide to Single Battery Vape Mods What is single battery vape mod? A single-battery vape mod is no different as it’s meant to supply the coil with power. The heat generated by the coil is necessary as it is the only mechanism that makes sense in a vape. In the vaping market today, there’re so many single-battery vapes posing a challenge to newbies to know the best mods. Here is a detailed guide for you.
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  • What is a Pod Mod Vape - A Guide to Rebuildable RBA Pod Syst A pod mod vaping gadget that is a stage over an essential e-cigarette, however not as cutting edge as a portion of the bigger full-sized individual vaporizer choices. Individuals who are new to vaping, and the individuals who might be progressing from smoking, may see individual vaporizer gadgets as excessively enormous, excessively confounding, or excessively new. The primary difference between box mods and pod mods mainly comes down to several factors like size, power consumption, price, and even type of e-liquid used.
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  • What is Box Mod Vape - A Guide to High Watt Vaping with Box Box mod vapes are some of the superior types of vaporizers available. However, they’re a bit different in terms of their longer-lasting and larger batteries compared to vape pens. Here is a complete guide about the box mod vape. It has numerous adjustable settings to allow vapers to achieve the best experience from their e-juices.
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  • What are Rebuildable MTL Atomizers (RDA) and MTL Tanks (RTA) RTA's and RDA's are the two kinds of RBA. The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank framework and the RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) or RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) is a dripper framework. With rebuildables, you "fabricate" your own curl. As it were, you genuinely wrap a loop, join it to the framework and include a wick. There are a wide range of fabricates, every one relying upon the RBA type and the ideal vape the client wishes to accomplish.
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  • Mouth To Lung (MTL) vs Direct To Lung (DTL) Vaping What is MTL vaping and DTL vaping? When MTL vaping, you suck the fume into your mouth and let it wait for a second before at last pulling down into your lungs. This ought to be simple for any previous smoker to ace, since it’s the most well known strategy utilized when smoking cigarettes. As the name infers, direct-to-lung inward breath is tied in with breathing in the fume straight into the lungs. It’s basically something very similar we do when we take a typical breath.
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  • What Are The Different Mouth To Lung Vaping Devices There are different types of MTL vaping devices. If you are a beginner, definitely you will gain momentum, gain experience, and you’ll find out that there are different ways you can enjoy your vape juice, specifically by using different vaping devices.
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  • What is Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vaping and How to Inhale Know what is MTL vaping and how to vape MTL. In Mouth to Lung vaping, the vapor let in your mouth for some time before inhaling into the lungs.
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