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  • Eye Spy With My Little i
    Eye Spy With My Little i We must see ourselves in a way that aligns our minds with who we really are. Only until then can we live successfully and in peace. Listen here to find out how.
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  • Cover your heart
    Cover your heart Are you protecting your heart? Who is your enemy? How do you fight? Find out here.
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  • Rest and Fear
    Rest and Fear In our Christian walk, sometimes we get into the 'doing' part of religion, but there is a 'rest' that the bible talks about. What is that 'rest'? And what is 'fear'? Find out here.
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  • 'Disciple Me' 9-18-2015
    'Disciple Me' 9-18-2015 Once we become a child of God, we learn to grow in our relationship with God and with His people. As a follower of God and a student of Jesus' teachings, we learn to be His disciples. So, what does it mean to be a disciple? What is a disciple? What do we do? What is the next step after making Jesus the Lord of our lives? Find out here.
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  • How's The Weather?
    How's The Weather? Depending on what we are going through in life, we go through different types of weather in our lives. What is the forecast in your life? Find out here.
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  • Grit February 20, 2015
    Grit February 20, 2015 With the trials, struggles, and circumstances of life, how do you hold on? How do you persevere? Where is your "Grit"? Find out here.
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