Writing Rhymes about my lifestyle,the system that we living that's leading our lives.
My Name: Jeffrey WarQuer
Label Name: Milles Records
Group Name: The OutLast.

WarQuer`s Uploads

  • Over Stand - MillJayy [Mix. by. TONBeatz]
    Over Stand - MillJayy [Mix. by. TONBeatz] I understand, i understand one is not welcomed somewhere but i believe we all one.
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  • MillJayy - Issues & Interactions
    MillJayy - Issues & Interactions MillJayy shares his little thoughts on Human Love and the reciprocal actions or Influences of the World. All in Issues & Interactions. He's Kinda Enigma but Please Listen Attentively. You could get a trace of enlightenment and spiritual success. It a Whole new different level World!. It a single off my EP. Album Valley Of The Sun. Download at http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/21555468?utm_campaign=a_public_songs&utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=page_object_news_item
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  • MillJayy - Jermaine (His Remorse)
    MillJayy - Jermaine (His Remorse) On this piece of tune is a single off my EP. Album Valley Of The Sun. Dropping Soon...got inspired by own past life... I reflect on how I did'nt take classes in seriously and finding it difficult after I completed school failing my examinations. I really contemplated on how to find easy ways out the world struggle to the Top which did not turn out to be so. Also stressed on how the Goverment is depressing Life in this moment of we the peer's who had our dreams out the school In Ghana...and all over the world...but it not over till is over... NOTE: MillJayy was my name back then..it now Jeffrey WarQuer Thank you. Download at Link http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/21555468?utm_campaign=a_public_songs&utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=page_object_news_item
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