The Two Questions
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What are you educated for, anyway?

You may be a sociologist, an anthropologist or a
scientist, with your specialized mind working away
at a fragment of the whole field of life. You are
filled with knowledge and words, with capable
explanations and rationalizations. And perhaps
in the future the computer will be able to do all
this infinitely better than you can. So education
may have a different meaning altogether - not
merely transferring what is printed on a page to
your brain. Education may mean opening the doors
of perception on to the vast movement of life. It
may mean learning how to live happily, freely,
without hate and confusion, but in beatitude.

Modern education is blinding us; we learn to fight
each other more and more, to compete, to struggle
with each other. Right education is surely finding
a different way of life, setting the mind free from
its own conditioning. And perhaps then there can be
love which in its action will bring about true
relationship between man and man.

J. Krishnamurti
Five Conversations
5th Conversation
The Collected Works Volume XIII

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