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  • What Is Life All About
    What Is Life All About It is only when you live with something It is only when you live with something intimately that you begin to understand it. But the moment you get used to it- get used to your own anxiety or envy or whatever it is- you are no longer living with it. J. Krishnamurti Freedom from the Known,70 http://goo.gl/vxckQ0
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  • The Two Questions
    The Two Questions What are you educated for, anyway? You may be a sociologist, an anthropologist or a scientist, with your specialized mind working away at a fragment of the whole field of life. You are filled with knowledge and words, with capable explanations and rationalizations. And perhaps in the future the computer will be able to do all this infinitely better than you can. So education may have a different meaning altogether - not merely transferring what is printed on a page to your brain. Education may mean opening the doors of perception on to the vast movement of life. It may mean learning how to live happily, freely, without hate and confusion, but in beatitude. Modern education is blinding us; we learn to fight each other more and more, to compete, to struggle with each other. Right education is surely finding a different way of life, setting the mind free from its own conditioning. And perhaps then there can be love which in its action will bring about true relationship between man and man. J. Krishnamurti Five Conversations 5th Conversation The Collected Works Volume XIII http://goo.gl/4xlrQk
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  • How Do You Listen [Narrator - Valerie Lombard]
    How Do You Listen [Narrator - Valerie Lombard] I narrated the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti. I am not selling any audio files that I narrate. I am sharing this message because the world is in Big Trouble and there has to be a revolution in how we think so that things in the world may radically change at its foundation. We must change in our minds or all is lost. So I am sharing this for serious, compassion human beings who are tired of living in chaos. I have taken some creative liberties with some of J. Krishnamurti's words without changing the message. I have a blog where I write about the challenges that we face and examine Mental Conditioning. You can't go beyond what you don't understand. I provide a mental mirror whereby a person can explore themselves deeply. The more one inquires and communes with the problem the more one is Free of the problems generated by our psychological confusion. I direct audio listeners to: jkrishnamurti.org --> http://goo.gl/pbmxso 1.) Putting Aside Screens - J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life - http://goo.gl/lc3Tfg 2.) The Act of Listening is the Soil - The Collected Works J. Krishnamurti Vol XVI, pp 146-147 http://goo.gl/p1Yqm8 3.) Beyond the Noise of Words - J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life - http://goo.gl/NOk0mE Listen by J.K. Upload --> http://goo.gl/W4dkfH
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  • Jiddu Krishnamurti - Listen
    Jiddu Krishnamurti - Listen Listening is an Action of Truth Please, since you have taken the trouble to come here, may I suggest that in listening to what I am saying, you listen to the end, and not just take little bits here and there which happen to suit you; listen to the totality of it, and you will see that the whole thing hangs together. If you take a little part of it, you will have only the ashes which will create more misery, more sorrow, more confusion. Also, listening itself is quite an art. Most of us never really listen, therefore we hear only partially. We hear the words that are spoken, but our minds are elsewhere; or our minds respond only to the meaning of the words, and this immediate response prevents us from hearing that which lies beyond the words. So listening is an art; but if you can listen totally to what is being said, then in that very listening you will find there is a liberation, because such listening is unpremeditated, uncalculated; it is an action of truth because your whole mind is there, your total attention is being given. If you listen without interpreting, without remembering a quotation from some old book, or comparing all this with what you have read, then you will find that your own mind has undergone a really radical change. Collected Works, Vol. X, Action by Jiddu Krishnamurti http://goo.gl/zOeN0K
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