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UrgentWay is a neighborhood Urgent Care clinic that prides itself in providing convenient, quality and affordable care. Our board-certified physicians are available seven days a week to cater to all your immediate care needs. No appointment is necessary, patients can just walk-in and see a doctor immediately. UrgentWay doctors take the time to listen and understand your problem to provide comprehensive support. We accept a large range of insurances and also cater to sel-pay patients by offering affordable cash payment options.

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  • Why Choose UrgentWay
    Why Choose UrgentWay Chief Medical Officer at UrgentWay Walk-In clinics, Dr. Herman Chiu, talks about the specialized field of Urgent Care. He explains that his clinics provide a service that fills the gap between emergency room and primary care physicians. Urgent care offers short wait times coupled with affordable rates to meet the healthcare demands of the local community. Dr. Chiu then goes to explain why UrgentWay stands apart from the competition. The clinics short wait times, acceptance of multiple payment methods and affordable rates make it a great choice for families, individuals and businesses.
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  • A Primer On the US Immigration Process
    A Primer On the US Immigration Process Alena Shautsova, an Immigration lawyer based in New York, spoke with UrgentWay about the many different aspects of the US immigration process including the application steps, immigration physicals and tips on how to have a hassle free experience during the entire process. Listen to get more insights into how to apply for US Immigration.
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  • Occupational Health Services-UrgentWay
    Occupational Health Services-UrgentWay Occupational health is a fast growing field and UrgentWay's Urgent Care clinics are the best place for local business in New York City to avail these services at affordable rates. Our medical centers offer a wide range of work related medical services including: Treatment of work related injuries, Pre-Employment Physicals, pre-employment drug tests, DOT physicals and DOT drug & Alcohol tests. Our board certified physicians are trained to deal with occupation related medical issues and are also accredited by the FMCSA as Medical Examiners. UrgentWay clinics are easily accessible and help workers avoid the long wait times and costs of hospital emergency rooms. Our corporate packages and rates are highly competitive and are all geared to save businesses money while providing the highest quality of care for their employees.
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  • Dr. Herman Chiu UrgentWay Provider
    Dr. Herman Chiu UrgentWay Provider Dr. Herman Chiu talks about his motivation in becoming a doctor. Dr. Chiu believes in making a difference and it is his goal with UrgentWay to provide quality, yet affordable healthcare which is accessible to all.
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  • Dr. Faika Khan – President & Founder of UrgentWay
    Dr. Faika Khan – President & Founder of UrgentWay Dr. Faika Khan discusses the vision behind the Urgent Care Centers. With Urgentway, she intends to provide the highest quality healthcare that is not only prompt and affordable, but is available 365 days of the year. Read more here great information about urgent care clinic.. https://goo.gl/ksMXhh
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