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© 2013 Kevin John Fitzgerald, WGAE #: I262793
“Something has happened. The world is winding down.” Dr. Kwom Thomas – world-renowned
physicist and micro-biologist – has discovered an alarming truth behind the escalation in global disasters.
Proposing a type of “ecological zombie-ism,” Dr. Thomas theorizes that something has happened – an
‘event’ of some kind – which has actually caused the second law of thermodynamics to accelerate. Now,
the natural “decay” process spirals out-of-control. Like a spinning-top slowly winding down, nature has
actually begun to consume itself; a theory he purports in his work “The Warring Natures.” Man is
haplessly caught in the middle. And – according to Dr. Thomas – the “disasters” we see are just the
beginning: The world can begin to expect very bizarre manifestations.
Adam Gardner is a many wrongfully accused – and subsequently imprisoned – for the mysterious murder
of his family a decade ago. Confused, angry, and bitter, Adam struggles for meaning as he ekes out his
existence in the local prison. He is closely-shadowed by his strong, sardonic cell-mate Seamus Lyons. But,
buried deep beneath the years of hurt and confusion, Adam still harbours a kind and compassionate
heart; something he demonstrates towards Chester, a special-needs inmate of the prison. But, is it
possible that what happened with Adam’s family so many years ago was – in fact – the “ground zero”
event for which Dr. Thomas searches?
Dr. Thomas could not have been more right: The rapidly decaying world suddenly finds itself in the throes
of an impossible-to-believe zombie outbreak. Brought in by the military to make sense of it all, Dr. Thomas
proposes that the “zombies” roaming the world are not actually zombies; at least, not in the classical
sense. “A zombie,” he says, “is typically defined as a re-animated dead corpse. But, these are people who –
for whatever reason – the death process has been sped up within them to where they are dying instantly.”
They have – in a sense – become UN-alive. Not a plague, or bacteria, or virus, speculating upon the CDC’s
projections is entirely foolish! “This is DEATH,” he pleads. “One out of every one person DIES!” Man’s only
hope is to find something – some way – of actually turning back death!
Adam, Seamus, and Chester find themselves on work detail when the zombie outbreak occurs. As chaos
ensues, they fight their way to escape. Pursued by the zombie hordes, they are taken in by a kindly priest
named Harold and a small group of survivors holing-up in the basement of a small country church. While
there, Adam soon learns that the Priest believes he has un-covered a “bread-crumb” trail of clues – woven
throughout the texts of ancient writings – that may not only explain what has happened; it may hold the
promise of a cure! Skeptical, Seamus urges Adam to leave the group behind and come with him. But,
Adam must decide if he is willing to embrace the Priest’s impossible suggestion, and follow a little girl
named Faith on a desperate journey.
All the while, another group believes they have discovered a way to ‘stave-off’ the death process: The
“Nomos.” Ancient, mysterious, and even other-worldly, the Nomos are led by the seductive Lilith and the
towering Cian. They are the “half-lives;” kept alive through a secret and sinister ritual. They believe they
have also found the one way to live forever. And they are in hot pursuit!
Now, a race is on. Amidst a rapidly deteriorating world, the battle between the forces of good and evil
erupts. Paths collide, but for entirely different purposes, as Adam and the survivors soon find themselves
not only fleeing from the blood-thirsty Nomos, but also towards the one thing that some in their group
believe might hold man’s only hope: A single, un-named compound out in the middle of nowhere.
What lies within? What is the key to the Priest’s ancient secret? What – or who – do the Nomos really
desire, and for what purpose? Will good triumph over evil? Will Faith be able to what save them all? Just
as the answer to all these questions seems within reach, we discover the true, hidden identity of Seamus
and the actual events which left all of Adam’s family dead… Or are they?
Will humanity survive? - - Or will we all be left… UN-ALIVE!?

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