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  • Adjunct Crisis: Labor Issues in Higher Education
    Adjunct Crisis: Labor Issues in Higher Education Jason Hertz and Ian Rogers talk with adjunct English professor Chris Small about the struggles of part-time, non-tenure track college teachers. With universities relying more and more on adjunct faculty, how do these neoliberal labor policies conflict with a university's fundamental goals for education, and what can teachers do about it? Articles Discussed: "There Is No Excuse for How Universities Treat Adjuncts" http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/09/higher-education-college-adjunct-professor-salary/404461/ "The Withering of a Once-Great State University" http://chronicle.com/article/The-Withering-of-a-Once-Great/231565/ You can also follow Jason Hertz (@j_t_hertz), Ian Rogers (@IantheRoge), and Chris Small (@cs_451) on Twitter.
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  • Neighborhood Development and the Power of Names
    Neighborhood Development and the Power of Names Discussing current plans to "revitalize" the City of Lincoln, Amanda Huckins, Jason Hertz, and Paul Clark investigate local senses of place. A major focus of this discussion concerns a potential renaming of the Everett, Near South, and South Salt Creek neighborhoods. This conversation took place in the SP CE Commons community center at 1239 S. 14th St.
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