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  • Listening is the key to Speaking
    Listening is the key to Speaking Here the question: I can read English well but my speaking is bad? Why is this and how can I change this? This is another extremely common question it’s a very common situation. In fact, most English learners read English much better than they understand spoken English or speak it. And again what the reason for this? school is the traditional old way of learning. So in most English classrooms you learn mostly with your eyes, the teacher write English sentences on the board then you write them in your notebook. You reading a textbook all the time, when your teacher spoke English maybe here she spoke in your language a lot. For example a Japanese teacher might explain English but they would speak Japanese, they would speak Japanese and then explain english grammar using Japanese. So the problem is that in a normal English class you actually not listening too much English, you maybe reading a lot of English on the board, in the textbooks on the worksheet. But you hearing a lot of your own language and maybe a little bit of English. And it is worse when you go home, what kind of homework did you usually have. Usually it was written homework right? Usually the teacher said do this exercise in the book do this activity in the textbook. So you had you again you’ll reading some kind of English and then you maybe writing something and then you give that to the teacher for your homework. Lots of eyes right? lots of reading and writing eyes and hands but not much with your ears. So the secret to speaking English well is to develop great listening you have to learn with you ears, not your eyes. You should be listening to English 80% of your study time, 80% of your focus should be on English listening not on reading. Later when you very advanced and you speak very well you can do more reading you can make the reading part a bigger part. But right now as you try to improve your speaking you gotta focus a lot a lot a lot on listening listening.. you need to be listening to English at least 1h per day, that my best recommendation. Listen to English audios at least 1h every day. Learn with your ears not with your eyes. And that today’s student question. To learn more about the effortless English system join our free email newsletter at See you there bye bye.
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