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  • Bible Black (slightly longer)
    Bible Black (slightly longer) A longer, but imo, worse cover of Bible Black by Black Sabbath's final album with Dio.
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  • Bible Black
    Bible Black A vocal cover of Bible Black, said by some to be Ronnie James Dio's swansong. It's baffling the stars themselves didn't refuse to shine that very night because one of their own passed, but then, many of them are dead as well. We see only their afterimage, just as Dio's afterimage and name will live in the annals of history forever and ever.
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  • Recording_142
    Recording_142 The infamous story of how the Lannister destroyed House Reyne
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  • Davy Jones theme Duet — female only
    Davy Jones theme Duet — female only A warm up to a duet of the Davy Jones theme I found on YouTube
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