I work toward accomplishing this goal by providing education on how optimal health can create optimal performance. Providing education and development through The Low Carb Leader Podcast and through informative and interesting blog posts.

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  • The_Art_of_Breathing_with_Yoga_Expert_Lucas_Rockwood
    The_Art_of_Breathing_with_Yoga_Expert_Lucas_Rockwood Yoga trainer, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Yoga Body, Lucas Rockwood, is a prime example of how living a healthy lifestyle can lead to optimal performance in work, business, and life. He is the host of the Yoga Talk Show, which is currently in the top 50 fitness and nutrition podcasts on iTunes. http://thelowcarbleader.com/best-low-carb-leader-podcasts/021-art-breathing-yoga-expert-lucas-rockwood/
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