Behind and Know met Cornelly Olivieira 15 mei 2016
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Mevr Cornelly Olivieira

Wie is mevr Cornelly Olivieira ?
Wat weet u over haar?
Van waar kent u haar?

Hieronder haar uitmuntende CV

Professional estheticienne/beautician - Holland

Degree(s) or Diploma(s)

European secretary
Date:1971-1972 Holland
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)

Frankfurt School of Finance
Date 2013
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)

Certified Micro Finance Specialist
Membership of Professional Associations:
Suriname Business Forum - board member

Caribbean Herbal Business Association (country representative)

SITPO Suriname India Trade, Investment & Promotion Organization - boardmember

Member board of directors Caribbean Association of Small and Medium Size Entrepreneurs (CASME)

Other Training:
Sustainable Livelihood approach
Human resource management
Social enterprise
Agriculture and technology
Capacity building for illiterate
Business management for micro/small and medium sized enterprises
Rapid rural appraisal and project cycle management
Micro finance specialist
Financial Services ( Central Bank of Suriname)
Innovative entrepreneurship

Study tours/conferences:
Bolivia, Microfinance for entrepreneurship
India, Small Enterprise Management
Uruguay, Civil Society
Columbia Public private partnership (SBF tour)
Chili public private partnership
Aruba public private partnership
Washington/USA- civil society meeting with Pres. G.W. Bush
Brasil Micro Small enterprises accommodation (SEBRAE)
Amsterdam/Holland - European Micro Finance Network 8th EMN Annual Conference
Bahamas -Carribean Micro finance Conference
St. Lucia - InfoDevs Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean - (2014)

Countries of Work Experience:
Netherlands, Suriname, Guyana, Barbados





Employment Record:

Ms. Cornelly Olivieira has 38 years experience working as an entrepreneur as well as stimulating and training others in entrepreneurship.

She knows the business environment in Suriname both through her own businesses, through the businesses of the members of the Womens Business Group and through her work for the Suriname Business Forum.

The Suriname Business Forum is a program consisting of various components for improving the business climate of Suriname. Through this work she is directly familiar with data and sources of data relevant for this assignment.

In 2005 she has been the driving force behind the publication of a business guide published by the Womens Business Group.

Ms. Olivieira has also been member of the Counterpart group for the Micro Credit Program and has been key in the new Microfinance Institution initiated by the Womens Business Group.

Ms. Olivieira is known for her dynamic and practical approach to achieving real progress for entrepreneurs.

From / to:
1997-May 2014

Womens Business Group Foundation (WBG)

Positions held:
Co founder and chair Womens Business Group Foundation
Founder and Managing director of the Micro Loans Unit of the WBG (2010-2014)

Developing and conducting training for Business start-ups
Developing coaching services for business members
Identifying credit worthiness and strengthening skills of applicants for business loans
Providing inputs to government program designs for developing SME sector
Training in productive skills
Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and fairs with the focus on strengthening womens business capacity in Suriname

From / to:
1980 till present

Business owner

Positions held:
Founder and Manager Tailoring business (employing 4 staff)
Founder and Manager Beauty salon (employing 3 staff)
Founder and Manager Natural Soap production (employing 2 staff)
Founder and manager guesthouse Rechobot (5 apartments)

1995-1998 Business in Georgetown/Guyana
1996 Business in Barbados

2013 Designing and building of wooden cabanas and houses from Walaba wood

2015 - Fruity Smoothies fresh Suriname fruit smoothies

2015 Building prefab Ventilation Improved Pit latrines (approved by PAHO) to help improve sanitation and health in the hinterland and districts.

From / to:2010 May 2014

Womens Business Group Foundation (WBG)

Positions held:
Managing director of the Micro Credit unit of the WBG

From / to:2007- 2014

Suriname Business Forum

Positions held:
Board member, representing civil society and micro/small entrepreneurs.
Chair of the awareness commission,
commission member on Financing
commission member of simplify license procedures
commission member of Agro industry and greenhouses
executer of project Promoting use of greenhouses for small farmers in collaboration with UNDP Small Grants Program
Volunteer in REDD + program Suriname (2012/2013)
From / to:2007-2010

Micro Credit Program (under umbrella of Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation)

Positions held:
Member of Counterpart Advisory Board
Chair of Focus group Enterprise development in Suriname
Resource person on priorities and situation of small enterprises with regard to access to credit

From / to:1998-2000

Employer:Thalia Theater

Positions held:
Interim manager

From / to:2005 -2006

Fruit juice factory

Positions held:
Interim manager

From / to:2008

Employer:Spa centre

Positions held:Interim manager

From / to:2006-2009

Low Income Shelter Program (on behalf of Womens Business Group)

Positions held:
Supervisor implementation unit
Development of needs assessment methodology
Marketing design and execution
Supervisor WBG for LISP building of 100 houses in the Upper Suriname area (18 villages) in 2012 (implemented pilot project of 5 houses with eco toilets)

From / to:1995-pesent
Various higher education and training institutes

Positions held:
Trainer in Entrepreneurship and related issues
Business coach HBO institute InHolland in Suriname
Hospitality supervisor

Trainer/coach in skills development
Trainer/coach in project development
Trainer in body care
Trainer in manufacturing/producing natural handmade soap and body cosmetics

Awarded Project: Economic empowerment of women in 7 districts in Suriname granted by the Obama Administration USA from 2010-2011.

Project manager and trainer
From / to:1999-2001

Embassy of Japan (donor)

Positions held:
Project Manager
The implementation of a project for a womens group in the rural area of Suriname (Brokopondo) Building a womens center and training in childcare, entrepreneurship and hospitality

Detailed Tasks Assigned

Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned

Formulation of new Microfinance Institutions structure, working approach, processes, financial projections, market analysis, marketing design, financing proposal.
Name of assignment or project:
Setting up a Micro Credit Unit for the Womens Business Group

Womens Business Group Foundation

Main project features:
Setting up a unit that will provide services on credits for micro entrepreneurs in the city, the rural area including the hinterland of Suriname

Positions held:
Managing director

Activities performed
Identifying and hiring staff
Training of staff
Development of handbook for staff on micro credits
Development of application form
Development of promoting material
Identifying partners (banks, ngos, cbos) to cooperate with
Introducing mobile banking in this field
Introducing business training programs for the credit borrowers
Coaching the borrowers towards sustainable entrepreneurshi

Detailed Tasks Assigned

Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned

Formulation of new Microfinance Institutions structure, working approach, processes, financial projections, market analysis, marketing design, financing proposal.
Name of assignment or project:
Founder of Stichting Young & creative




Main project features:
Coaching of 6 youngsters to be an inspiration for other peers in taking social and economical, environmental responsibilities for their country.

Positions held:
Managing director

Activities performed
Organizing a pampering day for senior citizens in Huize Emma where they get some personnal skin care as manicure, pedicure, hair treatments etc.

Writing a guide with 150 totally prepared business ideas that will work in Suriname
Helping youngsters to set up income generating activities & businesses

Sharing the gospel among young people in Suriname
Conducting trainings in Paramaribo & districts

Detailed Tasks Assigned
Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned

Initiator “Preperation and execution of the first Business Woman Breakfast in Suriname

Autor of a business guide named MEKMONI Book 1 -(making money)

Lead consultant survey assignment: Building the evidence base on the agricultural-nutrition nexus: rapid country scans for informing policy and practice
Name of assignment or project:
April 2014 and November 2014


Main project features:
Gather Business Women in Suriname together to network and set up a network

Positions held:

Activities performed
Year april 2015
Year: May November 2015
- Contact/invite female entrepreneurs by direct emailing
- registration of interested entrepreneurs/collecting payment
- special invitation to the First Lady of our country as well as the chair of Parliament (female) and secretary of the President (female)
- building website for female entrepreneurs, starting with Suriname, next step the Caribbean region
- Designing an APPlication for smartphones for female entrepreneurs and their businesses

3 x 50 easy to start business ideas for Suriname. Book 2 and 3 will be published in

Implemtation of the survey. Writing draft report and Presentation of the results in validation workshop (November 2015)

I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief,

this CV correctly describes herself, her qualifications, and her experience.
She understand that any wilful misstatement described herein may lead to her disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

Cornelly Olivieira.

Daadkrachtige Clyde Ford, in Behind and Know op Radio Boskopu, iedere zondag om 14:00 u nm met bijzondere personen , mensen die een voorbeeld zijn voor onze Surinaamse Samenleving

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