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  • Black Hawk Down Aright, now i'm gonna tell you a story, about Black Hawk Down. Yeah.<br /> <br /> Mogadishu was the town<br /> They never backed down<br /> They turned things around<br /> Even though the hawk went down<br /> <br /> It was 1991 in Somalia<br /> They were all starvin' up<br /> Because clans were takin over<br /> and things were lookin darker<br /> So the U.S stepped in<br /> and that's when it begins<br /> the story about overcoming<br /> when the black hawk was going <br /> down down down<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> The hawk went down in the middle of the town<br /> So the army pulled out the rescue crew<br /> They sent them in to get them out<br /> But instead they got stuck there too<br /> They never backed down<br /> With the Somalis coming at them<br /> They turned things around<br /> They were some brave men<br /> They went on through the night<br /> and the Somalis thinking they would win<br /> They proved them wrong<br /> Even though there were soldiers falling to the ground<br /> But the next morning, the sun came up<br /> and they were still stuck<br /> next to the black hawk that went down<br /> down down down<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> In the end<br /> All the soldiers were recovered<br /> They truly never left a brother<br /> even though some lost their lives<br /> and could not come back to their wives<br /> but they say it was all worth it<br /> they wouldn't change the plan one bit<br /> The soldiers overcame<br /> The Somalis breathing down their neck<br /> They pulled out their brothers, amidst all the wreck<br /> amidst all the wreck<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Credits to Mark Bowden for writing the book Black Hawk Down and Ridley Scott, for directing the movie and Rick Atkinson for writing an article in the Washington Post. It wouldn't have been possible without them.
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  • Cuts! (Come With Me) CUTS FROM COME WITH ME
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  • Through Everything (Original Through Everything
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  • Through Everything Through Everything
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