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  • Bioshock RPG: "Drowned City Blues" ep. 1
    Bioshock RPG: "Drowned City Blues" ep. 1 A tabletop RPG series set in the world of 2k Games' "Bioshock." Drowned City Blues is a sleazy noir set in the underwater metropolis of Rapture. In this episode, a trio of intellectuals arrive in town, personally sponsored by Andrew Ryan himself. Claire is tasked with determining the extent of a chemical spill. Elvira takes a new case and has an awkward run-in with an old flame. Scott gets a promising lead in tracking down his daughter's killer. The NotDndShow is a roleplaying series by Conor Kyle. Starring: Christopher Lancashire as Scott Salinger, journalist and grieving father Sawyer Fuller as Claire Lancaster, marine biologist Emlyn Crenshaw as Elvira Lombardi, private eye
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