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IF THERE IS ANY AUDIO YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD, JUST ASK AND I'LL SEE IF I CAN GET IT!!! I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and I know there are tons of Whovians out there who patiently wait for the next series. We all wish we had more Doctor Who to watch. You could watch the classics, but after that, what then? Big Finish have been working hard trying to get Doctor Who content for fans. I thought, what about the audios? They are fantastic! Colin Baker finally got to unpeel the layers of his Doctor. Paul McGann finally got the Doctor he never had. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and Sylvester McCoy get some interesting stories. There is nothing distracting you from the episode. No bad special effects, no bad costumes, no Technicolor coat (which I love), just a good Doctor Who story. I beg you to buy a story if you like what you hear. Most are real cheap. Listen to them, if you like it buy it. I'll be working hard getting these audio stories, so stay tuned.

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  • Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep8 - The Empty Hand
    Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep8 - The Empty Hand An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff. It causes an upsurge in terrorist attacks. An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by a policeman. It’s a catalyst for protests in the streets. An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by Sergeant Andy Davidson. It’s the end of Torchwood as we know it.
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  • Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep7 - Zero Hour
    Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep7 - Zero Hour Welcome to Deliverables. Thanks to us, Cardiff is enjoying an economic miracle. We have created thousands of jobs. We have wiped out homelessness. More importantly, there are so many benefits to you. Deliverables will deliver your post, your packages, your meals. We are Deliverables, and we never stop. Deliverables – we always know where to find you. Deliverables – put your life in our hands.
    TheGunslin... 00:57:25 2 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep6 - A Kill to a View
    Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep6 - A Kill to a View Ritz Towers is a luxury tower block so exclusive not even aliens can get a place there. Mr Colchester has somehow secured a flat at the Ritz. With the streets increasingly troubled, his husband feels safe there. The problem is that Ritz Towers is anything but safe. For a start, the building has more tenants than it has flats. Then there are the endless dinner parties. The whole new definition of upwardly mobile. And finally, there is the very mysterious caretaker.
    TheGunslin... 00:57:43 2 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep5 - Love Rat
    Torchwood Aliens Among Us S5Ep5 - Love Rat Captain Jack Harkness is dead, and that’s the simplest thing that’s happened to him in the last few days. Even the manner of his death is surprisingly complex, especially when it turns out that he hasn’t come back alone. While Torchwood try and cope with a new mayor and a terrorist cell, they also have to deal with what, at first, looks to be a plague, and then turns out to be something far, far worse.
    TheGunslin... 00:56:02 1 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Early Adventures 4.2 - The Outliers
    The Early Adventures 4.2 - The Outliers The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie to a flooded underground town on an alien world. The streets are empty. The houses are bare. Not a trace of life. The miners working here are vanishing. And it isn’t long before the time-travellers are suspected of being responsible for the disappearances. But even the authorities haven’t fully realised the scale of the problem. There’s something else on this world. Something dragging people away. And it won’t stop until it’s taken them all.
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  • BF231 - The Behemoth
    BF231 - The Behemoth Bath, 1756 – and a very dashing gentleman known only as the Doctor is newly arrived in town, accompanied by his lady friends Mrs Clarke and Mrs Ramon. He’s created a stir among the gentlefolk of Georgian high society – and a stir in the heart of merry widow Mrs Theodosia Middlemint, rumour has it. They are not the only strangers from abroad causing tongues to wag, however. The mysterious Lady Clara, come from Amsterdam in the company of the noble Captain Van Der Meer, has the whole of Bath agog. Who is she, really? What is she, really? But there’s something terrible beneath the veneer of Georgian gentility. As awful a horror as the Doctor has ever exposed, hidden inside Balsam’s Brassworks. Something that needs to be brought to light, for the sake of all humanity.
    TheGunslin... 02:05:00 1 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • FDA - 6x09 - The Thief Who Stole Time (2)
    FDA - 6x09 - The Thief Who Stole Time (2) A god has died. A crime has been committed. And an even greater threat lies beneath the surface. On the ocean world of Funderell, Romana has been reunited with her old friend from Gallifrey, Sartia, and the Doctor is investigating the history and religion of this strange world. But events have quickly spiralled out of control. Why is this planet of such interest to the Time Lords? What lurks in the depths? The life of more than one world is at stake. But time is running out.
    TheGunslin... 01:03:45 20 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • BF230 - Time in Office
    BF230 - Time in Office The Doctor's adventures in time and space are over. The Time Lords have recalled him to Gallifrey – but what he faces on his home planet is worse than any trial. Following the disappearance of President Borusa, the High Council condemned him to the highest office - and he can't evade his responsibilities a nanosecond longer... So all hail the Lord High President! All hail President Doctor! Rassilon save him. This time, there's really no escape.
    TheGunslin... 02:09:28 17 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • BF229 - The Silurian Candidate
    BF229 - The Silurian Candidate The year is 2085, and planet Earth remains on the edge of a nuclear precipice. At any moment, either of two vast rival power blocs, to the West and the East, might unleash a torrent of missiles, bringing about the terrible certainty of Mutual Assured Destruction. But there is another way – or so Professor Ruth Drexler believes. Hence her secret mission deep in Eastern bloc territory, to uncover a hidden city, never before glimpsed by human eyes: the Parliament of the Silurians, the lizard people who ruled the Earth before humankind. There, she’ll encounter a time-travelling Doctor, who knows the Silurians well. A Doctor on a secret mission of his own.
    TheGunslin... 01:52:44 12 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Early Adventures 4.1 - The Night Witches
    The Early Adventures 4.1 - The Night Witches When the TARDIS materialises north of Stalingrad in 1942, the Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly are captured by the Night Witches, an all-female unit of flyers tasked with disrupting the German forces nearing Moscow. They suspect that the travellers are spies - part of the Germans’ Operation Barbarossa. Despite their pleas they are locked up while it is decided what to do with them. Polly, however, is receiving strange looks from the pilots and clearly unnerving them. When the TARDIS crew discover why this is, it becomes clear that they’re about to get far more involved in the war than they could possibly have imagined.
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