David Scheuer and Erez Ahituv met in Miami Beach 4 years ago. Seeing equal motivation and work ethic in one another they decided to join forces and take on the EDM world. Together they are now known as "The Americans" and are a living example of how the American Dream still exists. <br />
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The Americans DJ Sets are way more than successive chart topping hits played one after the other. Think of it more as a modern day symphony with progressive and electro sounds being brought to the forefront. You often hear about artists' sets taking you on a journey through sound, but the Americans feel that today, you seldom witness that art form. The Americans flex their muscles on their most recent demo "Another Reject Prog Mix" taking their listeners through peaks and troughs at just the right times. <br />
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With a desire and work ethic that comes 2nd to none in the industry, The Americans drive towards production and remixes has only just begun. Already boasting and impressive cast of mash-ups and bootlegs, it is inevitable that David and Erez take the next step in their musical careers. <br />
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"We're excited to see what we are able to bring forth to the industry. The world of EDM has done so much for us, we are extremely eager to give back thanks with our own creations and remixes."<br />

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