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  • Tears, Hair, And Feet
    Tears, Hair, And Feet "Jesus Spreads His Gospel " Is the name of this series we are in. This show is the third in this series. Here we see a sinful woman forgiven her sins. Listen and see if you recognize the story !
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  • The Great Sermon
    The Great Sermon We hope you are enjoying this series called, " Jesus Spreads His Gospel ". In this second episode we see Jesus preparing and giving his famous sermon on the mount. Listen and enjoy this wonderful story !
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  • The Mission Of The Twelve
    The Mission Of The Twelve As we start a new series called "Jesus Spreads His Gospel" we will try something new !!! We want you to get more out of it and have changed our format . Listen and be "IN" on the new series !
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  • Jesus Returns To Jerusalem
    Jesus Returns To Jerusalem This is the LAST installment of our series called "Early Ministry Of Jesus." A beautiful story comes to an end..... BUT..... We will start another series called "Jesus Spreads His Gospel". Listen as we see how Jesus reacts when He returns to Jerusalem !!!
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  • Matthew Joins Jesus
    Matthew Joins Jesus In our continuing series called, "The Early Ministry Of Jesus" Matthew becomes the sixth Apostle to follow Jesus. With only one more program to go we see Jesus starting His year of popularity !
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  • The 2017 " Weenies "   Part 2
    The 2017 " Weenies " Part 2 This is the conclusion to this years "Weenies" . When we get to #1, or the BIG Weenie, you will agree ! Listen and enjoy as we call out 2017 biggest "Weenies"!
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  • The 2017  "Weenies"
    The 2017 "Weenies" This is our annual award show where we have fun at the expense of the "weenies" of the world. Sit back, listen and enjoy as we call out the Weenies of 2017 !!
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  • Ravi Zacharias
    Ravi Zacharias This is another addition to our on going series called "American Preachers." Is Ravi teaching God's word ? Is his ministry worth watching or listening to ? Listen as Rev. Brian gives the full info on his ministry and will rate it at the end of the program so you will know exactly where Ravi and his ministry fall when it comes to teaching God's word !
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  • Trump Is Winning  :  Domestic Policy
    Trump Is Winning : Domestic Policy In this final installment of our three part series of the accomplishments of the Trump administration in his first year in office, we take a look at his domestic policy. The impact of it will take your breath away ! From immigration to tax cut... listen and be amazed at what can be done by someone who loves America !!!
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  • Trump Is Winning  :  Foreign Policy
    Trump Is Winning : Foreign Policy In this second part of a three part series we take a look at the foreign policy successes of the Trump administration. Listen and see how he is making America great again !!!
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