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  • What Do You Respect ?
    What Do You Respect ? Something has happened in our society where nothing is respected by us any more ! Listen and see how far we have fallen and see if we can do anything about it.
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  • She's Gone ...... Are You Saved  ?
    She's Gone ...... Are You Saved ? This is the hardest show I have ever done. Please listen and share with as many people as you can. We are to be witnesses for Jesus ! This show celebrates 4 years of this digital ministry AND it celebrates my sisters life.
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  • Voter I.D.
    Voter I.D. What are the reasons for and against having voter I.D. laws ? Listen as we look at the reasons used and who uses them. You may be surprised !
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  • Do You Reject Capitalism ?
    Do You Reject Capitalism ? The majority of people from 18 - 29 reject capitalism ! Do You ? Listen and see if this answers some questions or provides some answers. Hopefully we can change some minds.
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  • Do You Want Fair Elections ?
    Do You Want Fair Elections ? We say we want fair elections, but do we really ? It is unbelievable the road blocks the left are creating so that fairness is never achieved !
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  • Outreach To Young People !
    Outreach To Young People ! The under 30 voter will be essential in the conservative movement if we are to be viable. This is an attempt to be a positive message for today's young people about beliefs !!!
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  • This Week In Politics
    This Week In Politics This was an historic week in American politics ! From Obama care repeal, to Trump and Sessions, to trans genders in the military... and everything in between !! Listen as we look back at all that has happened this week in politics.
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  • Tony Evans
    Tony Evans Another installment in our series of "American Preachers" features Dr. Tony Evans. Listen to his biography and about his ministry ! This is a very gifted and blessed man and you will be blessed to listen to him !
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  • Ministry Quandry
    Ministry Quandry Do you ever run up against issues in your ministry ? Rev. Brian lays it it all out there for all to see. I hope this will help you in your ministry !!
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  • " No Respect "
    " No Respect " Has Donald Trump been shown "No Respect"? Listen as we look at how even the right has shown Pres. Trump No respect !!
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