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  • Jericho :  More Than A Wall
    Jericho : More Than A Wall The wall falling down was a miracle. BUT there was so much more going on here ! Listen as we look closer at the story of Jericho and how it applies to us today.
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  • Spiritual Truth In Job
    Spiritual Truth In Job One of the most over looked chapters in the bible ! So much to be learned here that can help in your daily walk with Jesus. Listen and apply these to your walk. Please share this program with your friends so they can apply them also !
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  • The Great Suggestion  ??
    The Great Suggestion ?? Did Jesus mean that ? Let's take a look at Matthew 28 and see what Jesus said and meant ! Most Christians act like Jesus was making a suggestion instead of giving us a commission. What about you ?
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  • God Shows Up
    God Shows Up " God Shows Up " with attitude ! This is an awesome story from the book of 1 Kings. Elijah is used by God to bring His people back and to get rid of the leaders of a false religion. This is a valuable lesson for today. Listen and be blessed !
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  • Do Not Rob God !
    Do Not Rob God ! When God says you are robbing him ... you better pay attention ! Are you robbing God ? You better listen to make sure. 90% of people in church are robbing the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
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  • This Is   " THE END "
    This Is " THE END " In this final chapter of our series, we go through the story and do a quick summary of all that has happened and then end with the final chapter. Listen and enjoy !
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  • The Plot
    The Plot " Jesus Spreads His Gospel " Is the book series we are in. In this, the 9th chapter we will see the religious leaders plot on how to trap Jesus ! Listen to how they set Him up. Next week will be the final chapter in this book. Go back and listen to the rest and get caught up !
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  • The Transfiguration
    The Transfiguration In this 8th installment of our series called " Jesus Spreads His Gospel " we will see why Jesus taught in parables, the transfiguration, and Jesus goes back to Jerusalem. Listen and enjoy this chapter called " The Transfiguration".
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  • Peter's Confession Of Faith
    Peter's Confession Of Faith In this episode of " Jesus Spreads His Gospel " we will look at their time in Phoenicia and see what happens when Jesus tests them ! This episode is called "Peters Confession Of Faith". Listen and enjoy !
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  • The Demoniac
    The Demoniac This is being recorded on Easter ! What a great day to be teaching about "The Demoniac". The next show in our series called "Jesus Spreads His Gospel". Listen and be blessed.
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