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Telchar is an exiled Dwarven Fighter. He fights primarily with large 2handed axes, wears chain mail armor, and he is a bitter, jaded, ruthless, businessman!

He recently, and mysteriously, inherited part ownership of an inn. The inn is located beyond the fringe of the kingdom; in a small town called Pinevale. Telchar arrived at the inn to be met by:

Prometh - Human, Female, Necromancer (voiced by Remi)
Áedán MacDhunlèibhe - Catfolk, Male, Ranger (voiced by Mandy)
Neriul Dhan - Kitsune, Female, Alchemist (sadly deceased)

The inn was in a sad state of disrepair, virtually condemned! The three previous characters were trying to clear out the inn; and then repair it. Meanwhile, we need to build a positive reputation for the inn and ourselves in the community. We are unknown strangers in a small town that does not welcome change.

Fortunately, the mayor is kind, and a former adventurer. She sympathizes with the mismatched party, and exchanges odd jobs for materials and labor to rebuild the inn.

Shortly after Telchar joins the party, there is a large battle with a host of goblins; led by a powerful Orc. Neriul fumbles in a sneak attack, and is brutally killed. Her sacrifice provides the rallying force to unite the village and party members in an strategic counter attack. Neriul's epic fail death also acts as quite the distraction which eventually wins the whole ordeal!

Some time later, Gaelrick - a Human, Male, Witch - Finally arrives from his distant land. He also received the mysterious letter informing him of his part ownership of the inn. Frustrated, but not surprised, the party accepts him into their ranks... Renovations continue on the inn, while the party members struggle to generate revenue, reputation, and stability for themselves.

One day, the mayor arrives with news of a festival in a nearby village. In the small township of Bellows, a family of Halflings have put on a fair. It is an excellent chance to promote our business, gain some favor, and perhaps a little fortune...

While enjoying the event, chaos falls! Some mysterious illness attacks the vendors and attendees of the fair. Nearly everyone of the 200+ in attendance is violently sick... The party escaped that fate, but what is next?!?!?!? Episode 1 starts here.

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  • La Croisée des Chemins - EP 1
    La Croisée des Chemins - EP 1 This is the first, of many, episodes from a D&D (PATHFINDER) campaign that my friends and I are running. This round is 3hrs and 15minutes long. We are bilingual: French and English, and we switch back and forth randomly. In this episode: The party is at a regional fair in the township of Bellows. The event is organized by a family of Halflings; and their matron Brioche. Brioche is a friend of Pinevale's mayoress, Solange, who sent the party on her behalf. So, we are representatives of Pinevale, and promoters of our Inn: La Croisée des Chemins. While attending the event, nearly everyone there, some 200+ attendees, became violently ill. The party is unaffected for some reason, and must now decide what to do... Hilarity, Chaos, and much death follow!
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