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  • No Beginning (Prod. By Netsky)
    No Beginning (Prod. By Netsky) Twitter @justteerey LYRICS I been watchin you all day and I ain't never seen you that sad Givin up won't pay so keep going Now that that's said You know what you gotta do You know shit ain't that bad You know that I know that you know you really want it that bad Now what you gettin mad at I'm just tellin you to live it Cause man, if that's your dream you gotta chase it til you get it Or you can just lean back Wait for the reaper to start hittin See, I know that you can do it Please don't act like that fact's hidden And I know it's gonna take some time Know you gonna change your mind I hope those are enough arguments to make you see it's worth the while Make you see it's best if I keep pushing you I testify Cause if I die before your album drop and you get certified I hope you keep a certain mind For now just please consider my words Cause if you don't, this shit only get worse And as I'm writing down this verse as simple as I can I hope you understand That I'm your biggest fan
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