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  • 08_Happy_2015 Fall Concert
    08_Happy_2015 Fall Concert 8) Happy – Pharrell Williams, arranged by Luke Sackett Our final selection was nominated for Best Original Song in 2013, but it did not win the Oscar. Happy is from the movie Despicable Me 2, a 2013 computer-animated comedy film and the sequel to the 2010 movie whose title you have already figured out. Pharrell Williams is a versatile writer and performer who is known for his signature hats and his role as a judge on the TV show The Voice. Let’s all get happy!
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  • 07_Themes Like Old Times_2015 Fall Concert
    07_Themes Like Old Times_2015 Fall Concert 7) Themes Like Old Times – arranged by Warren Barker Our next piece is a collage of truly old-school pop music standards. The five tunes that Warren Barker strung together are from very different sectors of the American musical landscape. Barker uses subtle transitions and diverse arranging styles to unify songs that combine tender melodies, raucous energy, and unabashed sentimentality in a tribute to our nation’s musical diversity. Here is Warren Barker’s Themes Like Old Times.
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  • 06_Sies Manuel_2015 Fall Concert
    06_Sies Manuel_2015 Fall Concert 6) Seis Manuel – Shelley Hanson The “seis” is a traditional song and dance form of the Jibaro people, who farm in the mountains ofPuerto Rico. More than 50 kinds of seis have been identified. The word also means “six,” and originally meant a dance for six people or couples. What we’re going to play is the third movement of a four-part suite called Islands and Mountains. The prominence of the brass and clarinets in Seis Manuel reflects the importance and history of these instruments in Puerto Rican military bands. Here is Shelley Hanson’s Seis Manuel.
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  • 05_A Night In Venice_2015 Fall Concert
    05_A Night In Venice_2015 Fall Concert 5) A Night in Venice Overture – Johann Strauss, Jr. On October 3, 1883, in Berlin, Johann Strauss’s operetta, A Night in Venice, was performed for the first time. Reviewers and audiences appear to have loved the music, but they thought much less of the dialogue. As a child the composer had been forbidden from studying music by his father. But his mother arranged for him to take lessons in secret, and after his parents separated, Johann was free to study music in the open. He would become known as the “waltz king,” renowned for numerous popular works. A Night in Venice became one of his most well-known works for the stage.Here’s the overture from Strauss’s operetta.
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  • 04_The Sound of Music_2015 Fall Concert
    04_The Sound of Music_2015 Fall Concert 4) The Sound of Music – Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, arranged by Robert Russell Bennett Fifty years ago, the movie version of The Sound of Music debuted to mixed reviews. One critic called it “romantic nonsense,” while another saw “three hours of visual and vocal brilliance.” Audiences loved it, though – by late 1966 it had become the highest-grossing movie of all time, which it remained for five years. Based on a memoir by Maria von Trapp, the movie (and the earlier stage play) tell the story of Maria’s work as governess to a large family in Austria on the brink of World War II. Let’s see if we can bring the foothills alive with The Sound of Music.
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  • 03_Greensleeves_2015 Fall Concert
    03_Greensleeves_2015 Fall Concert 3) Greensleeves – Traditional, arranged by Alfred Reed Not many pieces of music have been popular for more than 400 years, but our next selection qualifies. The first mention of the song was in 1580, when the melody and lyrics of a song describedas “a new Northern ditty of the Lady Greensleeves” was registered in London. It must have been a hit – three other registrations of what appears to be the same ballad were made within a month. One persistent rumor has been that King Henry VIII wrote the song in an attempt to win the heart ofAnne Boleyn, but this has not been substantiated. The song has been rendered in hundreds of versions, and the lyrics that have been written for it could fill a large book. Here is our take on the timeless Greensleeves.
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  • 02_Roman Carnival_2015 Fall Concert
    02_Roman Carnival_2015 Fall Concert 2) The Roman Carnival Overture – Hector Berlioz, arranged by V. F. Safranek The French composer Berlioz said that he didn’t like Italian music, but our next piece makes that a little hard to believe. He wrote an opera based on the life of the 16th century goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini. The premiere was in 1838 in Paris, and the opera was an immediate and almost total flop – it was, and I quote, “hissed with admirable energy and unanimity,” according to the composer himself. It closed after three performances. But Berlioz stitched together some of the musical bits into the piece you are about to hear. Unlike the opera, this selection has achieved enduring popularity. Here is Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture.
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  • 01_Music From The Sting_2015 Fall Concert
    01_Music From The Sting_2015 Fall Concert 1) The Sting – Scott Joplin and Marvin Hamlisch, arranged by John CacavasThe The 1973 movie The Sting was based on a true story about two brothers, Fred and Charley Gondorff, grifters who plied their craft in America during the Depression. The soundtrack featured ragtime music, which had passed out of vogue by the 1930s, but the movie’s popularity sparked a revival of interest in composer Scott Joplin and ragtime more broadly. The movie includes Marvin Hamlisch playing some of Joplin’s tunes on solo piano, while others were arranged for larger orchestras. The inventive collaboration between Joplin and Hamlisch produced an indelible musicallandmark. Here are selections from The Sting.
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