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Flowering dharma is a student org formed in 2009 by some of our Ladakhi students in Delhi. Today we feel proud to be Ladakhi and more then that we feel proud to be an indian. India is a secular country where her people have been living peacefully for centuries despite of having differences in their language, culture and beliefs. As a result, we have many philosophical traditions in india such as Samkhya Tradition, Vedanta..Jain and Buddhist. Out of which the Nalanda university was known as one of the most imp learning institute in india for Buddhist Dialectics, logic, epistemology and ethics. India has been known to have been a thriving learning centre for these rich cultural, traditional and philosophical system in the world. But unfortunately, this rich Nalanda tradition could not survive long in india in the 11th-12th century due to the cultural conflicts. But on the other hand we were lucky enough because this tradition has sought its root firmly in Tibet since 8th century with the help of Indian master Guru Padmasabava, Acharya Shantarakshita and Tibetan King Trisong Deutsen . unfortunately lately in the 20th century due to the cultural revolution in Tibet, the people of Tibet lost their freedom to practice. Now the Nalanda tradition which was started in india, which was then brought to Tibet again destabilized. This tradition in its fully fledged formed can still be traced in the Himalayan regions even today. We the Ladakhis, as a part of the Himalayan region as well as being Indians feel the utmost responsibility now to look after our own Nalanda tradition, which was for centuries protected by the Tibetans.
With the same objective to look after this tradition and with the guidance of Ven. Choegon Rinpoche, Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul la , Ven. Geshe Konchok Wandus and the support of our local ladakhi people and students, we as a group flowering dharma, are trying our best to preserve this Nalanda Tradition not merely by some activities but by learning and imparting this to our indian brothers and sisters. We hope that our small efforts would contribute to the same cause. We wish you all the best and hope you will make the most of it. Your enthusiasm and interest highly encourages us.

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