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Dave Barron is a rock and roll journalist with over 25 years of experience. While working for CNN in Atlanta in 1990, he created The Naked Truth, a half hour rock TV show. For three years, The Naked Truth knocked down walls in the music industry. Bands like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Tesla, The Cult, Motorhead, and many more appeared on the groundbreaking show. Barron’s credibility got the show serviced from all the major labels, when such a task was tougher than getting into the White House!!! It was at CNN, he created a team of talented writers, editors, and controlroom techs, to deliver incredible shows.
The Naked Truth aired from 1990-1993, and was considered the Wayne’s World of rock and roll tv. In 1993, The Naked Truth completed it’s three year stint on TV. Barron moved into directing music videos, and had a successful run, that included Stuck Mojo’s “Risin” in 1998, which world premiered to 5 million viewers on TNT and was also featured on MTV’s Total Request LIVE with Carson Daly. The video was a WCW parody with wrestlers Diamond Dallas Page, as the protagonist, and The Raven as the antogonist. Daly showcased the video on a live set with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, getting body slammed in the process. All totaled, Barron’s music videos have been viewed by over 12 million TV and internet viewers.
After the CNN-AOL merger in 2001, Barron took his talents to Hollywood, where he has made a fine career as a director/cinematographer, working on feature films, reality tv, concerts, and music videos. In Hollywood, Barron has worked with Bruce Willis, David Caradine, Sarah Maclachlan, Bill Withers, Mary J. Blige, and Oksana Grigorieva. Willis personally hired Barron to direct and shoot Bruce’s blues cover band and Ivan Neville. It was a short two city tour in Idaho.
From 2004-2015, David worked on many successful reality shows. Shows like: Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav, Wife Swap, Trading Spouses, Braxton’s Family Values, TI and Tiny, Shah’s of Sunset, Punk’d 2.0, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of DC, and Elimidate.
Despite what Dave accomplished, something was still missing with all the opportunities coming his way. He missed working in the music industry. So in 2013, he got an offer that would relaunch himself back in the music business. Dave brushed off some of his writing skills, and did some freelance reporting for online rock and roll website, RockRevoltMagazine.com He covered Black Sabbath’s new LP secret listening party for 75 rock journalists, along with Rolling Stone, LA TIMES, TIME, NY TIMES, and others. He also covered the premiere screening of the documentary Battlefield of the Mind, directed by well known photographer Fran Strine. At the event, Dave interviewed Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, Corey Lowery and Donald Carpenter from Eye Empire, and Troy McLawhorn of Evanescence.
In 2014, Barron felt that it was time to bring back the radical TV show to radio. The Naked Truth is a hour long rock specialty show that features rising cutting edge artists, rock and roll heavy weights, and killer sound bites from the TV show archives. Special guest hosts that have appeared on The Naked Truth include Chuck Wright from Quiet Riot, Dug Pinnick of King’s X and KXM, Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and Attika 7, Georg Dolivo from Rhino Bucket, Kenny Aronoff, Liberty Devitto formerly of Billy Joel, and Nathan Utz of Blonz.


    THE NAKED TRUTH-FEB2017-GRammys-INDIE-UNCENSORED HOLLYWOOD-The Naked Truth with Dave Barron rock podcast is back with a twist for season three in 2017! For the first-time ever, the series will be released uncensored! All the music, all the interviews, untouched! “I want the truth, and sometimes artists are reluctant to speak honestly about the music business for fear of getting branded," Barron says. "By striving for the truth in music, I can get to the bottom of how artists make it happen in 2017. That’s what I want to showcase. I want music fans to hear The Naked Truth. Consumers want something, and we are supplying the demand." He continues, “Instead, The Naked Truth, I think, will become it’s own platform, and will launch new programming that follows that trend. Giving the people what they want, Hence, hashtag- the #INDIEASAMUTHERFUCKER’’ said Barron. The 2017 premiere episode features the unsung heroes of the 59th Grammys and independent rock bands in Los Angeles. Dave Barron hosts the show recorded live at Mel’s Diner, the legendary 1950’s diner in Hollywood. Dave will feature new music from Megadeth, Enemy Remains, Metallica, Iggy Pop, Joe Bonamassa and Soen. Barron conducts live interviews with independent rock bands Mad Margritt, MotorBone and Lucid Fly. In addition, a feature segment from a sit-down interview with Jesse Snider is featured involving his current indie LP, 16. The Naked Truth also got a makeover, with new show music and a new MC. Announcer Mike Noble is the new voice of The Naked Truth, replacing Alan Jay. “Mike Noble is The Naked Truth, He was there when it was a cable access TV show. I love Mike’s voice and he seems like a perfect fit moving forward,” said Barron. As for the music, Mark Cook from Mad Margritt recorded tracks for The Naked Truth in his studio, The Panic Room. “Mark Cook is a phenomenal guitar player. Anytime Butch Walker recommends you, you know you have arrived,’’ Barron commented. Mike Noble has been a professional announcer since 1994, when he was the public address announcer for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. From there he did freelance work for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, and became a familiar voice in Atlanta’s arenas and stadiums. In 1996, Noble was selected to be the arena voice for team handball in the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, and has been a part of every Olympics since. Mike’s clean, professional voice will add some punch to the radical rock podcast. Cameo appearances in this edition of The Naked Truth Vault include David Ellefson, Ronnie James Dio, Chris Cornell, Jeff Ament, Mark McGrath, Dee Snider, and Liberty Devitto. Shoutouts recorded were to Smith’s Olde Bar, Gene Scott, Josh Homme, MAL, Kris Jung, PJ Hollywood, Forrester Savell, FireFly, The ViperRoom, Mel’s Diner, and Adrenaline PR. The Naked Truth began as a cult cable access program in Atlanta, GA in 1990. For three years, the show went above and beyond where any TV show would venture. It has always been off the cuff, unfiltered truth. More than two decades later, the marriage with indie music is as strong as ever. The home of independent music, The Naked Truth with Dave Barron. Playlist- 1)Megadeth-Dystopia 2)Enemy Remains-Faith in Humanity 3)Metallica-HardWired to Self-Destruct 4)Mad Margritt-Liar 5)Mad Margritt-I’m Over You 6)MotorBone-Lost and Found 7)Iggy Pop-Chocolate Drops 8)Joe Bonamassa-Thrill Is Gone 9)Lucid Fly-Visions Of Grandeur 10)Lucid Fly-Waiting 11)Jesse Snider-Money/Power 12)Soen-Opal
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  • the naked truth-LIVE FROM CRAZY GIRLS with MOTORBONE
    the naked truth-LIVE FROM CRAZY GIRLS with MOTORBONE This week The Naked Truth and Dave Barron go undercover, deep sub-merged undercover at Crazy Girls in Hollywood, just off the Sunset Strip for METAL MONDAYS. Dave's co host this week is Motorbone, LA's very own sleaze rock band aka LOCAL SUPER GROUP. Josh, Dan and Keith join Dave for this uncensored rock and roll backstage interview. They will be among some of LA's scarily clad women, as Dave will spin Motorbone, Carrera and Rebel Hotel. Dave went into The Naked Truth vault and dug up some sound bites from Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath from 1992, Ted Nugent and Jack Blades from 1991, and Stephen Pearcy from Ratt from 1990. Enjoy! THE NAKED TRUTH is LA's greatest rock and roll radio show.
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  • the naked truth-ARN show 9-4.08.2016 aircheck
    the naked truth-ARN show 9-4.08.2016 aircheck The Naked Truth expands to a 30 minute show format Dave Barron is serving up some of the best indie artists in the business. Dave gets the party started with industrial rock artist Slow Earth, veteran metal hammersmith, Saxon is back and heavier and ever. Ronnie James Dio might have been reincarnated in Electronomicon lead signer Diego Valdez. If you have yet to discover Valdez, he sports one of the best voices in the world. This week Dave features three female singers/artist that will blow you away. Aussie Yolanda Thomas will rock you out with Yolanda and the Stolen Boys featuring Alex Kane, Barry Pointer, and Shane Soloski, and Anthony "Tiny" Biuso. MJ Roadz will win your heart with her soulful lyrics in Heavy Heart. Wrapping up the show is Ciara Elizabeth, whose voice will keep you singing Dear You all day long. twitter-@thenakedtruthDB IG-thenakedtruthDB #thenakedtruth #indierock #davebarron #slowearth #saxon #elecronomicon #ciaraelizabeth #mjroadz http://amfilmshd.com/the-naked-truth-radio-show/
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  • the naked truth-VAN HALEN KIMMEL SHOW 2016  Special-aircheck
    the naked truth-VAN HALEN KIMMEL SHOW 2016 Special-aircheck On March 30th, 2015, Van Halen made US television history by playing live on US TV for the first time in the bands history with David Lee Roth as lead singer. Fans from all over, Jay From Minnesota, Creek from Ventura, Bob from Palmdale, were among the throngs of people who showed up for the live concert on Hollywood Boulevard. Dave Barron is love on the scene, and interviews fans, has exclusive audio regarding the infamous David Lee Roth bloody nose mishap. Listen to some new live VH from Tokyo, classic VH hits, rare VH demo, and live unplugged performance, and fan call in requests. A full hour devoted to Van Halen.
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  • TNT-SHOW #09-Ultimate Jam Night 02.18.2015 master aircheck
    TNT-SHOW #09-Ultimate Jam Night 02.18.2015 master aircheck Ultimate Jam Night is the creation of Quiet Riot's Chuck Wright and the LA rock scene. Rock fans all over the world began to flock to the event held every week in Hollywood. Now with the show moving to Tuesday Nights at the world famous Whisky A Go Go, UJN is moving on to bigger and better things. The Naked Truth host Dave Barron interviews backstage with Chuck Wright, Dug Pinnick from King's X, and KXM, Evan Seinfeld. http://ultimatejamnight.wix.com/ultimate-jam-night#!music/c1x9v
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  • the naked truth-ARN show 8-aircheck master
    the naked truth-ARN show 8-aircheck master The Naked Truth Host Dave Barron brings you some new music from Aura Drone, David Lee Roth Solo, and since STP is recruiting a new singer online, some vintage Stone Temple Pilots.
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  • THE NAKED TRUTH-ARN show 7-aircheck master 03.11.2016
    THE NAKED TRUTH-ARN show 7-aircheck master 03.11.2016 Host Dave Barron honors David Bowie and Scott Weiland, showcases Toronto Heavy Metal band Cauldron, and reaches out to Austin, Tx for some Dennis Ogle.
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  • The Naked Truth-ARN show 6-aircheck master
    The Naked Truth-ARN show 6-aircheck master This week its all indie rock. Indie rock from North Carolina and Valleys, Axes and Knives from Georgia, and LA's sleaziest rock band, MotorBone!!!!!! The Naked Truth airs on KCLAFM.com and can be heard live on the TUNEIN app.
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  • THE NAKED TRUTH-ARN show 5-aircheck 02.25.2016
    THE NAKED TRUTH-ARN show 5-aircheck 02.25.2016 The Naked Truth airs on the Kaleidoscope Magazine on the American Radio Network on kclafm.com. Dave Barron has been hosting the show since it was a rock TV show in Atlanta, GA. The show aired from 1990-1993 on cable tv . Many rock stars like Ronnie James Dio, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Lemmy Kilmister, Pearl Jam, Bad Co, Ted Nugent, The Cult, Skid Row, Ed Roland before he started Collective Soul, Chris Cornell, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, all appeared on the radical backstage show. The NaKed Truth nows airs on radio, and began on radio one year ago on www.Bladerunnerradio.com. The show aired for 6 months on the station based out of Oklahoma. Barron was able to get the show on the FM Dial in LA and these are the initial demo shows the station is airing. This show is truly an all LA show with amazing talent with artists like Stage11, Joel Eckels, and a killer punk rock band, the Newports. Check out the singer for Newports, Tanya rocks the mic!!!!! Follow The Naked Truth- twitter-@thenakedtruthDB ig-thenakedtruthDB
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  • TNT SHOW 08 w simona Fusco 2.13.2015 BRR AIRCHECK
    TNT SHOW 08 w simona Fusco 2.13.2015 BRR AIRCHECK This is a Valentine's Day Special from 02.14.2015. Dave Barron visits Perfect 12 owner Simona Fusco, the entrepreneur who is the so called latest Hollywood matchmaker. Simona talks about courting, talks about relationships, what it takes to be a perfect 12, and most of all, she plays her favorite rock love songs, along with fan requests from New Jersey and Atlanta. The Naked Truth aired on BladeRunner Radio from 1.31.2015-05.25.2015. BladeRunner Radio is founded by radio rock jock Blake Wolney aka The Bladerunner, and operates out of Norman, Oklahoma.
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