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Dry figs + red, green, yellow + cheap and free audio recording technology

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  • We're All Sick with Something Dream
    We're All Sick with Something Dream Part of a dream from summer 2014. First kinda beachy.. . . . but then! Basically, on a planet - red and purple rocks, like Arizona/ New Mexico. Its dark. Night time ish. It's like the game you play as a kid where you can't touch the ground because it's made of lava. You hop from one thing to another but you lose if you touch the bottom. In the dream, there's no lava but I'm hopping from rock to rock because "the ground is made of lava." Basically, there's a few of us. Maybe four. We've all got some kind of problem that hasn't clearly emerged yet- But it's definitely there. It's a problem but how/why we can't tell just yet. There' purple, red and blue rashes starting on our arms. . . .Despite consuming lots of zombie apocalypse media, that sure ain't it. At the same time, we can jump really far- almost super hero status. I know we've all got it but I don't want to get too close to the others. But it's time to segue way into the next dream anyway. . . . _____________________________________________________ tUnE- YaRdS- Synonymonym Octopus Project- Bruise
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  • Interlude: Istanbulkart
    Interlude: Istanbulkart There are a few different cards that let you use public transport in Istanbul: Istanbulkart, Mavikart, different student cards, falan filan. . . . . Each one makes a slightly different sound when you swipe it over the sensors at the Ferry Iskele, Metrobus or wherever else you might be. Most however seem to have a jingle that centers around the root of G. The dah duh da da is kind of like the dominant (here D), the DAH duh is like the resolution (G), and occasionally there's a dah duh duh that is like the dominant of the relative minor (B). These sounds are from either the Kadikoy or the Besiktas Iskele as I was waiting for the ferry. 2 layers of accordion and a darbuka in the background as I was playing with the idea of connecting them.
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  • Deneysel Müzik
    Deneysel Müzik Once a month, there's a bar called Dunia that offers some improv music sessions. You walk in from the bar street, up some old wooden stairs, old wooded walls, old wooded banisters and up quite a few stairs. At the top floor, a bunch of people are sitting together pretty tightly, at tables, on chairs, the floor. The smell of the cheapest beers, watery, light, much too expensive brews by Efes or Bomonti permeate the air . . . Here's the deal: Musicians come in and write their names down on little sheets of ripped up paper. 3 or 4 names are drawn at a time and then those musicians, maybe never having met before, approach their respective instruments and basically throw energy around - often resulting in pure convoluted noise. Its awesome to just be talking with strangers using instruments. While harmony is seldom found, it is a great joy just to respond to each other using different means. Quite a lot of different and weird energies come up! Interestingly enough, drummers almost never offer rhythm when they play- just accented fills. . . . . Anyhow, here's a clip of one such session involving vocals, accordion/xylophone, and an electric piano. kaBOOM
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  • İstiklal Caddesinde Dünya Kadınlar 3_8_15
    İstiklal Caddesinde Dünya Kadınlar 3_8_15 The International Women's Day March down Istiklal in Taksim on March 8, 2015. There was a huge amount of energy and it was really cool to see women who are often a minority on the streets taking on an awesome force. There was a big football match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce on the same evening in stark contrast - a largely male, pretty aggressive energy. I suspect that it was not by accident that they were put on the same day. Most interesting was the reaction of people not expecting the parade as they took over. Women of all backgrounds came out. Like most gatherings of people in Istanbul, there are some political chants at the point that I was able to record. Buskers on the street also joined in with lots of sounds as the march proceeded - unfortunately missed by the recorder. At the point which I began recording, several women were standing on top of a bus with a microphone, shouting slogans, and later playing music. Women chanted, danced, yelled, hit drums, blew whistles. Super rad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/turkce/haberler/2015/03/150308_8mart_turkiye
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  • Street Demonstration for Nuh Köklü
    Street Demonstration for Nuh Köklü A politically charged demonstration for Nuh Köklü - a man killed with a knife stabbing by the store clerk Serkan Azizoğlu of Mısır Çarşısı Baharat after a snowball from a snowball fight Nuh had with some friends hit the window of the shop. The death was not politically motivated from all that I understand, although politics has certainly made its way into the forefront of the conversation. Pictures of Nuh and candles were set up in the street, and on February 18th, tons of people gathered outside of the store for a sort of political memorial. Pissed off people wanted to break into the store and wreck it up, but that vibe was not sought out by the general crowd and they subdued retaliation. It is shut down and the metal covering the doors and windows now has lots of paper and spray paint on it. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/journalist-murdered-in-istanbul-over-snowball-that-hit-shop-window.aspx?PageID=238&NID=78506&NewsCatID=341 http://www.kollektifangst.com/ne-olur-bu-bir-ruya-olsun/
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  • Wed Feb 19 Morning
    Wed Feb 19 Morning The sounds I heard between 5-9am on that morning in Moda, Istanbul. The first call to prayer mixing with a friend's phone alarm. . . the gulls and then the sounds of the house as the day began.
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  • The Sun Is on a String
    The Sun Is on a String A little tale about the sun, traveling, and Anneke.
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  • Showerkraut
    Showerkraut Chef Uwe gives the low down on the importance of hygiene.
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  • __Nar__
    __Nar__ Nar, pomegranate, granada, grenade, etc
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  • Istanbul Sound Collage 2014 (send email for details of soundscape)
    Istanbul Sound Collage 2014 (send email for details of soundscape) (Send an email to get a more detailed copy of what sounds you hear/ explanations on why they're there) Istanbul Sound Collage These are the sounds I most associate with the city of Istanbul based on part of my time living there between November 2013- November 2014. It's basically a project for friends and family I don't see because I live here, or who would like to visit but can't. . . It is an expression of Orientalism (Edward Said), given my background, and the focus on past orientalist sounds, the romantic, protests and those sounds which are most unusual to me take the forefront. That being put aside, I try to offer a space for real expressions of Istanbul by presenting a variety of sounds that the Lonely Planet, a lot of music, and old films don't include. While I include traffic and construction, there are many other very "western" sounds you are likely to find here ranging from music (lots of British classic rock fans here) to advertisements. Certainly there's a lot of other kinds of sounds in the city that I largely chose to ignore as I'm looking just at what strikes me. I think the imaginative value of that which is different is valuable, even if not entirely true. Art expresses truth through imagination, if you want a bigger truth, do some more research. The danger of Orientalism is when you confuse your imagination with the more complicated reality. Here is my limited orientalist perspective of Istanbul through sound. The point here is to share some sounds that I've experienced with people who are generally familiar with just the Orientalist constructions. Hopefully it'll show how its a bit different, but also in context to what we had all heard before. If you live in or have visited Istanbul, let me know how it strikes you. Tell me what sounds you would include/leave out, and feel free to hit me up for details about what the sounds are.
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