Many Men
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Many men let time go by sun up sun down so true what I say that many men won't see thugs cry but no gangsta shy when it comes to many heavy sins the wind blows to and fro flow so cold it burns when it burns many men get lost in the cost we know life aint free aint no pass go fee when your already dead soul in a hole mind in a bucket come and rise above it many men wish that they was you so be all that you can be the real you in light of the urgency live life like its blood writing poetry cuz it is the more that we all can see the more that we become basking as sons in Gods majesty.

They say Pac is still alive and that Biggie went to hell it sucks Pun died Easy E, ODB, Big L, Left Eye, Freaky Tah, Poetic, here today gone tomorrow dont sweat it unless you know no justice then your headed where you know that the sun dont shine and to your surprise there regrettin every time you dismissed the Gospel with a kiss money where your mouth is a temporary fix for the cheese like a mouse is playing you like this? you was meant for more you aint no hooligan and aint nothing wrong with money so why war? its a lust for power and preservation of life as we serve ourselves above a God whos higher, anti-Messiah but I see fire purging our choirs, our youth learning about higher learning higher at a heavenly level discerning lairs. Sanctified minds and hearts that desire nothing but the Truth holy Truth empire rebuke devils heal the sick the old me old me is retired. Jesus is Lord in heaven and on earth and beneath so let Him in you work. Theres no reason for your hurt to increase for rejecting Him, please before your six feet in the dirt. Hell is for real know the deal know your worth more than heels more than that fat purse you wanna steal. Look at me I was cursed defeated death and I'm coming back for my Church.

So many years gone by I aint never gonna get back unless I learned the lesson and learned to give back wisdom from on High sit back and get high on my supply Holy Ghost fire Messiah never retired I'm livin proof spittin clues rhythm and blues Jerry Maguire. Led by the Spirit so every step is acquitted. Love so free so in love Ima be. All sin is sin good news in Christ we all begin brand new in school we must repent see different eat different and make new friends cuz I can relate tears flood my eyes I cant bare the pain watching time go by and there be lives at steak and they only care about themselves till it's too late.

BEAT-"Onnie - melancholy space"

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