Steven West got his start as every other kid did in the late 70's, in local garage bands. West soon found the need to 'compose on his own'. Inspired by electronic music and artists, West started assembling what is now known as his Dungeon Studio. Forming The Group of 77 in the early 80's with singer James Louis, the first release they did was 'Trouble With America' in 1987 as a cassette EP. A hodge podge of Rock and Roll, Reggae, Electro, and Pop fused into 6 'demo' songs. To West's amazement local radio stations and friends liked it. 1988 saw the release of the 45rpm 'The Group of Seventy Seven'. This wasn't accepted so well, and West quickly moved along with new singer Jodi Krangle. Although much material was made with Jodi, the duo did not last. In 1992, West technically released his first 'solo' cassette, still as The Group of 77 called 'Distortion' a very 'industrial' sound incorporating ballads and jazz elements, which received good airplay and accolades. In 1993, West released the previous session songs with Jodi as The Group of 77's 'Used' cassette. This attracted Jodi to return to West, and the duo worked feverishly to write piles of new songs and perform live as best they could. In 1995, The Group of 77 released 'Six Billion Souls On The Island Of The Damned' A stunning cassette EP of commercial songs and production that got West and Krangle much respect. In 1994, West won the Music West Songwriting award for his song 'Nowhere Is Home'. Wests full production featuring Jodi as a 'session singer' now. However, due to conflicts of interest, the duo did not survive long after. West suddenly found himself doing comedy music and soundtracks for a local cable TV channel in the mid 90's. An unusual pairing and production work for the first band known as Custom, and even more unusual production work and performances for heavy metal band Bloodwurm. West, never quitting his 'day job' retreated to being a music 'consultant' for songwriters and poets. In 2000, much to Wests amazement as well as everyone else released his first 'solo' CD entitled 'Electricky'. A proffesionally recorded and produced electronic epic that got much airplay, and used in certain television soundtracks. Since then, West has released 3 more varied CD's and has become the quintessential crossover songwriter. For more insight and music, please visit

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