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The nerdVERSE is the only place to gather all of your information on Comic Books, Video Games, Table-top Games, Miniature Games, Movies, Television, and anything else we may have forgotten about that is lurking in every corner of geek-culture.

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  • The nerdVERSE Dungeon Crawl
    The nerdVERSE Dungeon Crawl Thank you tuning into The nerdVERSE Dungeon Crawl. You're going to join us through our journey through Eadara - a world of great mystery and intrigue full of corrupt kingdoms and fell beasts.
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  • Beta Episode 3
    Beta Episode 3 Sequels vs. Reboots: What is the general consensus in The nerdVERSE? Well it appears that it's largely dependent on what film it is, and how good it was! Most of us agree on many of the films that we talk about, but there are a few thrown in there that we just can't agree on at all.
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  • Beta Episode 2
    Beta Episode 2 We've been trying doing what we can to get our podcast perfect, and our second podcast went off a lot better this time than the first.
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  • The nerdVERSE Beta Podcast
    The nerdVERSE Beta Podcast This is our Beta Podcast Epiode; we were able to get most of our regular group of guys around the microphone to talk about some of the trailers that hit us in the face over the last week or so, like the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Fantastic Four, and the officially revealed Dawn of Justice Trailer. All of them make their films look amazing.
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  • Episode Zero
    Episode Zero Welcome to Split the Party, where we talk about everything from board games, miniatures game, comics, movies, and television shows. Don't forget to subscribe on youtube, like us on facebook, and check us out at splittheparty.com
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