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  • Inner Child Meditation
    Inner Child Meditation In this meditation, you will be guided to meet your inner child. You will speak all that needs to be said, wrapping this child and yourself in deep, unconditional love.
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  • Meditation to Remove Fear & Doubt
    Meditation to Remove Fear & Doubt In this meditation I walk you through a process to open your heart chakra, to clear your crown chakra, and to wrap yourself in protection. Production quality is low, using an iphone.
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  • Etheric Cord Cutting & Golden Wall
    Etheric Cord Cutting & Golden Wall One listener said of this meditation: "Well. I just listened to the first recorder meditation, and it was truly a wonderful experience. During the meditation, I could feel the release of the chords that have been binding me for longer than I care to remember, and at the end of the meditation, I was very energized."
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  • Meditation Of Forgiveness
    Meditation Of Forgiveness All right my Lovelies, here is a meditation on Forgiveness. This is about 12 minutes long, and there are a few "bumps" in the recording. I think you'll find they do not affect the end result though. Please: once you've listened to it, let me know what your thoughts are.
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