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http://www.sparetag.com posts original musics and videos, about social trends or recent discoveries that make us think, laugh or puke

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  • Antsy Dancy
    Antsy Dancy Soundtrack for a SpareTag.com video about how human societies have been marching on the trail left by ant colonies for 65 million years. As Lewis Thomas said: "Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labour, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch television." Watch the full video at http://www.sparetag.com/z85-ants-teach-us-decentralized-information-technologies.html
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  • Once Upon a Time
    Once Upon a Time Once upon a time in an over-rational machine age something was amiss… Read+ Watch modern fairy tales about the meaning of life featuring Guercino paintings at http://www.sparetag.com/z88-fairy-tale-for-the-machine-age.html
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  • AI Awakening
    AI Awakening Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z89-AI.html explaining how to create Artificial Intelligence in three simple steps. The music was created by layering techno beats to computer sounds and digital voices. Music available for purchase at the address above.
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  • Artaud's Spells
    Artaud's Spells Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z90-artaud.html about Antonin Artaud, his fears, suffering and strange aspirations. The music was created by sampling and layering basic recordings made by the poet for a radio play
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  • Mosquito Island
    Mosquito Island Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z91-mosquito.html The video was inspired by the true story of a murder case solved by a mosquito in Sicily. The music mixes steel pan music and film noir ambiance
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  • Mystic Harp
    Mystic Harp Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z92-orpheus.html The video revisits the myths stories of Orpheus to explore the modern role of Poets, True Love and Spirituality on our human nature. The music is a ballad exploring acoustic harp, Russian folklore and darker saturated electric harp
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  • GreenBirds
    GreenBirds Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z93-greenspace.html The video of natural landscape was created to help reducing stress. The music is layered on top of singing birds with light percussion and aerial piano
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  • Tribalution
    Tribalution Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z94-cavemen.html The video presents the role of social media, invented some 50,000 years ago, in human evolution. The music also change from simple tribal percussion, toward elaborate salsa to finish in modern hip hop
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  • Jouvence
    Jouvence Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z95-vampires.html The video explores the effect of blood injection on the aging process of mice. The music starts with a rhythmic section reproducing a ticking clock and degenerating with time in ocean waves and aerial piano
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  • Soul Reaper
    Soul Reaper Soundtrack for a video at www.sparetag.com/z96-grim-reaper.html The video looks into the conundrum of fate, illustrated by Ray Bradbury's plot from 'The Scythe' and animated paintings from Van Gogh and Munch. The music was inspired by the dark ambience of Dead Can Dance
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