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Smirconia – a music producer totally dedicated to electronic dance music. His passion for music started early in life. He was indulging in chart music already at young age when his music addiction became apparent. Later on, when the techno scene became alive in Europe, it did not take long time and he bought turntables and the equipment to start his career in music business as a DJ. It did not take long time and he was booked for major events such as „Goliath“ or „Streetparade/Mainstation“. Apart from all this success, he never neglected his formal education and completed university studies of which a part was done in Madrid for his passion of culture and languages. But music caught up with him and his addiction to music accumulated in the setup of his own music production studio.

Smirconia does not stand for a fixed defined style but more for a certain music quality. Here Smirconia’s statement:

„Various styles of music developed further and new ones evolved in the course of time. Nowadays one can find often elements of one style in another one. Even though this takes place in the smallest possible fractions. This is a good phenomenon, since it allows the music to evolve further. It is an art to promote the evolvement of music in such a way. The management calls us „artists”. As artists we are free in the act of creation. These creations allow us to communicate our emotions, ideas and our view of life. Definitions of styles should not be any limitation during the creation process. The outcome would not be authentic. Every artist that has the heart to use elements of styles from other streams is highly appealing. This is like a handwriting, an element of recognition. It is honest.” [Smirconia]

One can only look forward for the new productions of Smirconia. He will definitively surprise us in the near future. [Author of biography: Klee]

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