Smegamaiza is a group of 2 members namely : Nkosinathi Nkosi (nathi-boy) & Aviwe Sono (vixx Rhymes). We are kings of genres, smegamaiza was founded back in 2004 by Nkosinathi and in 2010 he recruted Aviwe and went through difficult times together. Our associated acts is Smega-Cheezy, Cheez-boy, Philly-v, Focus-records and Revengers addition Kasi-Fame. We believe in HiTS ONLY because music is our food to our soul.

Smegamaiza`s Uploads

  • I want my life Back
    I want my life Back Its simply sings about wanting to restore your past life style that you use to live. Life that have no harm to people in the society. Everything that you lost in past
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  • magic touch
    magic touch It simply refers to woman who satisfy a married man more than his wife and the husband always snicks around every night to get a magic unique touch.
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  • Icilongo
    Icilongo It sings about a judgment day when our God our Lord decides for us whether to go to HEAVEN or HELL
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  • Baby why??
    Baby why?? It simply refers to a girl who broke her boyfriend's heart.
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  • Vulindlela
    Vulindlela Move aside (enermies) so Smegamaiza can prosper. It specify about a person who is a distructor to our success
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  • uthando lwami
    uthando lwami Its simply LOVE as you know love is unexplanable. Love your partner that's all
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  • Olieven-MLT
    Olieven-MLT Combination between Olievenhoutbosch and Moloto aka MLT where by Nathiboy and Donny da Don are representing their own hood
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  • Innocent Child
    Innocent Child It simply sings about an innocent child who was involved in an unpleasant accident due to passing in a conjested road. This innocent child is very young in age but pays all the damages of an old cruel man who killed him
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  • Poverty in SA
    Poverty in SA Struggle and Hunger in our mother land. Many peole throw away food while other people are in need of that food, our CBD is full of street Kids due to poverty and hunger
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