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Born in (PE) Port Elizabeth South Africa, Sean Achilleos is a singer, songwriter, painter and philosophical poet.
Sean’s career began in 1989 when his voice coach Mandy Gurr invited Sean to sing at the annual Red Nose Day (Child Welfare) functions, as well as the summer opening of the Kings Beach Super Tube.
Shortly thereafter Sean started experimenting with different styles of song writing. His genre varies from Pop, Rock, Ballads, Easy Listening, Reggae and Folk music.
Achilleos performed at the PE Opera House in the early 90’s when he partook in the annual On the Go show.

Achilleos’ first encounter with live radio came about when he was interviewed by now musician and television presenter Martin Bester on Algoa FM in the early nineties. Martin featured one of Sean’s early demos namely “Tonight”.
In 1993 Sean ventured into theatre where he landed a spot as a backing singer in the “Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s” stage production of the musical “Grease”.
1994 Sean Achilleos performed at the PE Sports Oval variety concert hosted by Gaynor Terrero.

Achilleos then moved on by forming his own band named “Mirrors”. The band played a number of gigs at the PE diner “Cadillac Jacks” and took part in the competition “The Battle of the Bands” held at PE Brookes Hill Pavilion in the mid 90’s. “Mirrors” also performed at the annual PE Splash festival.

In the mid 90’s Sean joined a group of artists called “The Micah Group”. The group consisted of a cluster of talents such as; dancers, comedians and singers. The Micah group toured in and around the Eastern Cape performing at a variety of functions and venues.
Later the same year Sean returned to being a solo act, when he performed as a guest singer at a modelling show. This was soon followed by an appearance at the PE “Barn” Opera House where he shared the stage with other local talent.

In 1998 Sean Achilleos won the overall gold prize award in an originality singing competition held at PE Happy Valley.
1999 Sean was approached by local producer Billy Paulson who came up with the idea to record a compilation album. The idea was that it would consist of 4 artists who would each contribute 4 original songs. The launch of the album took place at the PE Opera House with large media coverage.
Further steps were taken to market the album by making television appearances. The show created a platform for Achilleos to perform three of the songs from the album on live television. The show also included a short interview.

2001 Sean Achilleos decided to expand his audience and style of writing by creating a song that was completely different from his usual style of writing namely “Rasta Man”. The song offered a new approach with its reggae island style feel. Achilleos decided to have the song recorded and continued working on “Rasta Man” by filming an amateur video for the song. The video was submitted to a television network who took an interest in local talent at the time. Shortly thereafter the video was screened on television. The song however was reworked and re-recorded in 2007 with the help of producer Cornelius Poisat.

2005 Sean performed at the Amphie Theatre at the PE Boardwalk Casino in aid of a fund raising event for underprivileged children.
2006 Sean performed at the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees). He filled a 30-minute time slot.

Achilleos also performed at the Tsitsikamma Game Lodge when he performed at the annual “On the Go” show where he performed one of his own songs namely “Into the Light” and the well known 80’s classic “Ballad of Lucy Jordan”. The show was hosted by Jill Stewart from King Fisher FM.
2006 Sean’s self penned song “Stuck Between” was featured on Algoa FM’s demo bag which was presented by Buli G at the time and more recently “Stuck Between” also featured on the “Morning Glory Show” hosted by Daron Mann from Algoa FM’ 2008. Sean Achilleos’ music has been featured on Algoa FM, King Fisher FM, Bay FM, Highveld Stereo, Radio Today, "Radio Gets Wild (UK)" and most of the retail and campus radio stations country wide.

2008 Sean shared the stage with legendary South African singer Jody Wayne well known for his hits such as Patches, The Wedding and Sixteen Candles. The show turned out to be a huge success and video clips from the show are available on YOUTUBE.
2008 Sean Achilleos won the most promising/original artist award in the Bay FM singing competition with his most recent original song titled “Over You” which Sean penned himself.
2009 Sean performed at the annual Chilli festival as well as another shared show with Jody Wayne.
2009 Sean Achilleos performed at the PE Barn for the NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) Latin American Dance organization. Sean also received good publicity later the same year when he appeared in the newspaper as singer/songwriter who would be acting as a judge at the annual Cat Show held at the Walmer Town Hall, hosted by David Hessey and Alan Edwards.
Sean Achilleos performed at the 2009 ”Onnerdiekoppie” Festival in Lady Slipper at the Falcon Rock holiday resort where he delivered an impressive performance. Later the same year he performed outside the Sasol garage in Summer Strand PE for promotional purposes.
2009 continues to be a promising year for Sean Achilleos as he once again fronts a new band named “Project 66”. The five piece band landed a permanent gig at 66 Butterfield Country Club every Tuesday and Thursday night. “Project 66” twice played at the German Club 2009 “Stomp” festival where the band was received with great enthusiasm.

October 2009 Sean Achilleos received airplay on internet based UK radio station when “Over You” one of Sean’s own compositions received airplay on “Radio Gets Wild”.

2010 Sean Achilleos releases his new album namely “Over You”. The album receives great exposure when it gets play listed on “Radio Today” (DSTV audio channel).

2011 Sean Achilleos performs at The Italian Job Restaurant. Later the same year Sean Achilleos performs as a guest artist at the “Young Face of the Eastern Cape” beauty pageant 2011 held at African Sky’s. Sean debuts his new single “Who Am I” that was recorded at Phat Lady Studios & Produced by Vincent Fraser.
2012 Sean Achilleos is interviewed by the late Viv Bozack Ngomane from Algoa FM’s Music Club. The program includes an interview and Sean’s newly recorded song “Who Am I” is featured on the show.
2012 Sean Achilleos’ songs “Rasta Man”, “Over You” and “Who Am I” gets play listed on “Bay FM”. 2012 Sean releases a compilation album called “Collage”.
Later 2012 Sean Achilleos appears as guest singer in Terry Tiger Victor & Ebi West’s stage show at “Productions” club.
2012 remains to be an exciting year as Sean is interviewed on “Bay TV” and performs two of his songs namely “Rasta Man” and “Over You”. (See YOUTUBE)
November 2012 Sean Achilleos is nominated for a Bay FM Spiral Award and performs his song “Rasta Man” at the Barkly Street Theatre at the 2012 Bay FM Spiral Awards.
2012 Sean’s rendition of the late Shel Silverstein’s poem/song titled “Ballad of Lucy Jordan” is inducted into the Shel Silverstein Archive Collection in Illinois Chicago USA.

2014 Sean Achilleos' self penned song "Snowman" is featured on Algoa FM with Mio & Queenie on Radio. The show also includes an interview.

2015 Sean Achilleos publishes his first eBook "An Affair with Life" consisting of Philosophical poems. Moreover, his music video "Snowman" gets play-listed on Bay TV.

2016 Sean Achilleos appears as a guest on Algoa FM 'Friday Music Club' conducted by Charlton Tobias.
Sean's music videos 'Stuck Between', 'Who Am I', 'Snowman' and 'An Evening with Sean Achilleos' (interview) and 'Into the Light' gets play-listed on Bay TV.
Achilleos' music gets play-listed on 'GaySA', Southern Africa's first gay radio station, and also appears as an online guest during a telephonic interview.
Sean Achilleos releases his book 'An Affair with Life' in Paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.
Sean's music gets play-listed on 'Luister FM'.

2017 Achilleos' music videos namely, 'Rastaman', 'Who Am I', 'Stuck Between', 'Snowman' and 'Over You' receives airplay on CTV (Cape Town TV), DUrban TV and Bay TV.
Sean releases a mini album titled 'Over You' obtainable from Amazon.

2017 Sean Achilleos also performed live in Dalian China.

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