Judging @ all seasons
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Exodus 18:13-26

Seasons – eth, at all times, or 'due season.'

The teacher & Pastors are for the 1,000's, the Evangelist is for the 100's, Prophets the 50's, and apostles the 10's.

The word judge is 'shaphat' and means 'to govern, litigate, defend, execute judgment, to plead a cause or a need, to reason with, to rule over.'

So judges are for pleading your cause/need before Yahweh, defending you before the accuser, to govern you, to reason with you, and to rule your soul.

Hebrews 13:16-17

The judges are still in existence in the NT, and should still be present today.

Communicate – koinonia, a partnership, to participate, communion, contribution, distribution, a sharer, associate, partaker.

In other words, everyone contributes to the body, everyone has a place. The distribution of gifts is among everyone, no one is singled out, left out, etc.

Deut 16:18-22

In all the gates of the city, homes, etc. there should be righteous judges established. That was Yahweh's divine ruling, and man did away with the judges.

Wrest (natah) – to pervert or corrupt by laying aside, or putting away, to decline from, or decline away from.

This means if Yahweh says “you are to judge” and you say 'No,' you are wresting His Judgment.

Arrest (as in captivate) comes from wrest, which means “never to let Judgment stop.” Keep it continually.

Prov 8:12-21

Sound Wisdom (tuwshiyah) – Intellectual understanding, Disciplined instruction, an ability to direct help.

Judges are to operate by Intellectual Understanding, and discipline.

2 Chronicles 19:4-10

As a Judge, I cannot judge in a matter of 'my choosing.' I am not a judge to myself, I have to judge for Yahweh no matter what. And every judge had better be the same, or Yahweh will not back them.

Acts 13:16-21

Why did Israel lose their judges that Yahweh setup? Because the people wanted 'a king,' instead of 'judges.' They didnt like the fact that they could 'cheat, lie, steal, etc.' Because the judges were everywhere. Watch this;

1 Samuel 8:4-9

I have heard every Christian preach this, and say “god gave us a king to rule over us, that was His divine counsel and wisdom.” That is a blatant fallacy. He told Samuel to do what the people asked because they rejected Him as their King, and refused His counsel. This is not even close to the same. That is what we call “wresting Judgment.” Now watch this;

Isaiah 1:21-31

Yahweh Promised Isaiah that at the last days, the Judges would be re-established, and that Zion is only redeemed with judgment, and those that forsake Yahweh shall be as 'tow to the fire.'

Today, Judgment comes back to the earth, and His Judges will start being established across the land. I have been given an order to start it. Yahweh appeared to me in a vision awhile back that it took me sometime to figure out, I meditated on it, I was in prayer about it, and yesterday He showed me what He meant. In the Vision He said “You are Arche,” which means the Principle, Magistrate, First estate.
It has taken me about a month to really understand this, and yesterday it was revealed what exactly He meant, I am the first estate of the Judges. Since Eternal Judgment is my foundational stone to teach, it only made perfect sense.

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