FORSAKEN STYLES - Return of the Annunaki
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The human race was created by the Annunaki, Yet there creation was not what they expected......Although the humans were inferior in knowledge and experience, Their learning capabalities and adaptive skills to survive was extremely more higher then the Crteators......Since the Annunaki are from the serpent race from constsllations like orion , they are coldblooded and not used to a yellow sun...thats the resson why their blood is to thin and dries out...They created the humans to create supplies of blood since humans have blood in abundance....But the humans resisted and they had the fool them with their technoligy and let them think they were gods who deserved a human sacrifice. If the humans did not supplly them with fresh blood from there youngest , The Annunaki destroyed the village with their tool of opression....Fire ...Yet one of the Annunaki who hated the ways and cruelty of his brothers and sisters tried to stop them and leave the planet yet many of the Annunaki wanted to stay and continue there evil ways eating the humans for blood.....So the Good Annunaki gave the art of fire to the humans and help them fight back ...This resulted in battle kow as the War of the Gods....and after a long battle the humans won......Yet the Annunaki evil masters use their technoligy to flood the planet and escape to the the fourth dimension destroying almost the human race...Yet one secial human hero learned the Annunaki secrets and use it to seal them in their own dimension! Yet the seal only lasted 2000 years and only the descendants of this hero (who gave his own life to seal the Evil Serpents) were able to redo the seal....The Annunaki have been sending their hybrid agents to kill these descendents up till this day......and the time is almost up....The humans survived and restarted society after the great flood and have use dthe annunaki technoligy to rebuild the world.......The humans ones knowing the most secrets however were the annunaki-human hybrids and became the rulling class, the kings and Queens of agess and continued the work of their evil masters who retreated to the fourth dimension were they control the hybrids till this day...... Yet soon the Annunaki evil masters will return from their four dimensional prison and return to earth .This will be the last great war .....This song is a warning to the human race about this upcoming time ....called Armageddon......There are only four descendents left in the world......are you one them? And will the saviour return? To aid the human race once more ..........

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